Czech Republic

#CZECH REPUBLIC : Will Martina Barta be going to Kiev?



It would appear that the secret is out in the Czech Republic and Martina Barta will be going to Kiev to represent her country. Although it has not been confirmed yet by Česká Televise  it was confirmed on her German band’s website. She is a singer and hornist in the jazz band 4 To The Bar. The post has since been taken down for now as the Czech Broadcaster have not officially released the news as yet. So all we await now is the official announcement from them.




As for the song it will have been chosen by a professional musical jury who have narrowed around 300 entries down to a final 5. They are currently in a studio in London along with the singer to record these songs before making a final decision on which is going to be the best. It is also known that all the songs have been composed by mainly foreign teams and will be performed in English.

So what are your hopes and expectations for the Czech Republic? Do you think this could give us a good entry for the Czech’s 10th anniversary in Eurovision?

Feel free to comment below.

Author :Andrew Main

Source :Eurovision Ireland, Czech Republic at Eurovision(Facebook).


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