Eurovision 2017

#SWITZERLAND: LIVE BLOG of Die Entscheidungsshow – #JoinUs from 20:05CET


#JoinUs today at 20:05CET for our LIVE Rolling Blog of Die Entscheidungsshow – the Swiss National Final, where six acts will be battling it out for that all important ticket to Kyiv.

Just refresh this page from 20:05CET on a regular basis and join me, Richard Taylor to get all my views on the proceedings.


And we are go! As ever the sensational Sven is on hand to guide us through the proceedings. We are now been introduced to the finalists. Videos of their Live Check performances can be seen below.

Song 1: Nadya – The Fire In The Sky

The opening of this performance is very mean and moody. The power and emotion flows throughout this entry. While at times it is performed very theatrically, this would work (it pains for me to say) better than are entry from the United Kingdom this year. I was worried that this would be operatic after her intro, however the use of her vocal range was more suitably used for this particular song. I’d love to see this in Kyiv.

Song 2: Ginta Biku – Cet air la

This opens with words appearing on the back screen – something that is becomi9ng more and more common at the Eurovision Song Contest these days. The hologram element from Armenia’s performance in Stockholm is also incorporated. While this is a nice, modern upbeat dance type number, which be seen as Eurovisionary, I can’t see it working unfortunately – but that is a personal opinion!

Song 3: Michele – Two Faces

Will someone please tell Michele to slow down and breathe! This is one hell of a lights show with beams, LEDs and moving lights. Michele is a winner of The Voice Kids in Germany – but I want to say the song is too adult for her. Yes it’s modern, which fits in with her youthful side, but there is something missing that gels the performer and song together.

Song 4: Freschta – Gold

If it wasn’t for the golden phoenix flying around in the background, I’d have to say I find this very bland and boring most of the time after such an energetic entry beforehand. Freschta’s entry could sit happily side by side with Lucie Jones from the United Kingdom. I also felt at times she was severely out of tune – something that won’t help her in the voting.

Song 5: Shana Pearson – Exodus

While this is a bit of a light show like Song 3, the camera does focus on Shana a lot more. Yes it’s modern and works compared to previously modern songs in this National Final – see I’m not against modern songs! If Exodus was staged correctly and featured slightly less lighting, this could work in Kyiv – it is Eurovisionary after all.

Song 6: Timebelle – Apollo

Timebelle is the only band we will see this evening after the first five performers were all soloists. Apollo certainly fits the James Bond theme song element – this would grab the movie fans voting in Switzerland tonight. Visually this could help Timebelle, but it does lack some of the emotion you would expect from a James Bond type theme. I can see this as a contender up there with Nadya.

The voting lines are now open for the residents of Switzerland to select their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv.

Just over 3mins left to vote now at 21:20CET!!! At 21:23CET, the voting has now CLOSED!!! We will know who has the ticket to Kyiv in the next 15mins or so!!!

Interval: Sebalter

After his appearance in the final in Copenhagen 2014, he is back with Hunter Of Stars. After a quick interview with Sven, Sebalter performs some of his new material – including Weeping Willow.

The Results Are In…

So the results are in and we have a winner. The act going forward to Kyiv is Timebelle with their song Apollo.

Please join me this forthcoming Thursday as I’ll guide you through the German National Final, here on Eurovision Ireland.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland and SRF

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