Eurovision 2017


drawEuropean Broadcasting Union has revealed  today the 2017 Eurovision Semi-final Draw pot distribution.

The Semi-Final Allocation Draw, to determine which country will participate in which Semi-Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, will take place in the Column Hall of Kyiv’s City State Administration at 11:00 CET on Tuesday 31st January. The event will be streamed live from 11:00 CET.


The Draw: Rules

A  first draw will take place in order to determine which of the 6 pre-qualified countries (BIG 5 and Ukraine) will broadcast and vote in which Semi-final.

A second draw will take place in order to disbrute the remaining 37 countries in one of the 2 Semi-finals, followed by a third draw to determine which half of the Semi-final will each country perform in (1st half or 2nd half).

At the request of Swiss broadcaster SRF, Switzerland will participate in the Second Semi-Final which will have 19 participants and the First Semi-Final 18 participants.

The exact running order of both the Semi-finals will be determined by NTU  and the producers of the show.

The 37 Semi-Finalists have been allocated into six pots, based on historical voting patterns, to reduce the chance of so-called neighbourly voting and increases suspense in the Semi-Finals.

The 6 Pots:


A total of 43 countries are to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The first Semi-final will be on May 9 and the Second Semi-final will be held on May 11.

From each Semi-Final, ten countries will proceed to the Grand Final on 13th May, joining the six pre-qualified countries.


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