Eurovision 2017


azucarFiesta tomorrow in Spain as RTE organizes the final for Eurocasting!

Taking part in the final of Eurocasting are:

  • LeKlein – Ouch!
  • Fruela – Live it up

  • Javian – No somos heroes

Voting in the final of Eurocasting will last 15 minutes and will be open to anyone both from or outside of Spain. Viewers will be able to vote once for the act they want to see in the Spanish national final via the  Eurovisión app as well as on the RTVE Eurocasting website.

Tomorrow during the final we will find out the artists who have been internally selected by RTVE to compete in the Spanish final.

As performing guest we’ll see performing Azúcar Moreno and David Rees.

David Rees is a young artist, but Azúcar Moreno needs no introduction. We all love their 1990 hit “Bandido” which placed 5th at the Eurovision Song Contest in Zagreb.

Are you looking forward of tomorrow’s Eurocasting final? Will you be dancing and singing to “Bandido”?

Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: RTE, Eurovision Ireland

Picture source: Youtube still


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