#LITHUANIA – Show 1: SEE the Qualifying performances!

lithuaniaThe first show of Eurovizija 2017 has ended and we have the results.

Out of 12 acts that performed tonight, 6 qualified for the next stage of the competition after the jury and the public voted.

The qualifiers are:

  1. Edgaras LubysCould it be? (Jury: 12 points / Public: 10 points)

2. Sasha SongNever felt like this before (Jury: 10 points / Public: 8 points)

3. Paula ValentaiteLet you go (Jury: 5 points / Public: 12 points)

4. Golden MonkeysSeptyni dievai (Jury: 7 points / Public: 7 points)

5. OtreyaLast two weeks (Jury: 6 points / Public: 6 points)

6. Benas MalakauskasRolling (Jury: 8 points / Public: 4 points)

There are 9 shows remaining, with the 10th being the Grand Final on 11th of March.

The winner will be determined via a 50/50 jury/public vote, also including the vote of an international jury.

The next show is scheduled to air on January 14.

Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: LTR


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