Here come the #BOYS! – The men of Eurovision 2017 (so far!)


With the national final season kicking off in Albania later tonight, let us take a look at three already chosen artists for Eurovision 2017.

Three countries (Cyprus, Ireland and Austria) have chosen male solo artists to fly their flags in Kyiv, so let’s take a look at these three artists and see how similar their music styles really are …

Hovig – Cyprus

Hovig Demirjian, better known as just Hovig, was born on January 3rd 1989 in Nicosia, Cyprus and is a singer of Armenian origin. He has a wide and impressive range when it comes to music as he plays the guitar and piano and also studied jazz and vocals.

In 2009 Hovig, who is also known in Cyprus under his nickname “The Music Messenger”, took part on The X Factor Greece, where he was eliminated in the 11th week of the show. In 2010 with the song “Goodbye” (placed 3rd in the National Final) and 2015 with “Stone in a River” (placed 4th in the National Final) he has already tried to represent Cyprus at Eurovision.

Taking a look back at his two past National Final songs and performances – “Goodbye” is a Euro pop song about asking himself why a girl did left him, well after hearing that song she actually would have run away – but, to his credit – he was just 21 years of age back than and “Stone in a River” a well written ballad about the way people dealing with each other and their emotions.

What makes Hovig different compared to Brendan Murray and Nathan Trent:

Hovig has a huge possibility to bring something different to Eurovision 2017 if he’s able to combine his cultural background and his understanding of how a current pop song should sound. And this combination of tradition and current music was missing in his past National Final songs, which is a strong part of his music style.

Hovig for sure is the most convertible artist of these three chosen artists for Eurovision 2017. It would be great to see Hovig perform in Greek and with traditional music at Eurovision 2017, for example like this:

Brendan Murray – Ireland

Brendan Murray, born November 16th 1996, in Galway, Ireland is an Irish singer, and former member of the Irish boy band “Hometown”.

In 2014, Murray became a member of Hometown. The band, managed by Louis Walsh, achieved three chart successes in their home country including the No.1 singles “Where I Belong” in 2014, and “Cry for Help” in 2015. Their début album, HomeTown, was released in November 2015 and peaked at No.4 in Ireland. In December 2016, the band announced that they’d be going on an indefinite hiatus.

What makes Brendan different compared to Hovig and Nathan Trent:

This is quite simple … HIS UNIQE VOICE. The voice of Brendan for sure is his biggest strength but at the same time as well his greatest weakness. Out of  1000 Eurovision singers, you will be able to tell that this is Brendan’s voice, and it’s so uniqe that it’s also very easy to dislike it as well. In case of Brendan’s Eurovision entry, Louis Walsh made it very clear that it is going to be a love song or big ballad, so this could actually work out quite well.

To be honest, after I heard Brendan sing I thought what kind of ballad would actually work for this kind of voice. Two days later it hit me, a song in the style of “The Writings on the Wall”, with all his passion and drama in it could work perfectly for Brendan and he’s able to transfer this power and passion through his vocals:

Nathan Trent – Austria

Nathan Trent, born as Nathanaele Koll on April 4th 1992 in Innsbruck, Austria, he was raised bilingually in Italian and German in an artistic family.

Although he is certainly the most unknown out of these three artists, including within his native Austria as well, Nathan already tried different ways to express his emotions through music. As a youngster in 2003, he gave his TV debut at Kiddy Contest, Austria’s version of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Following quite an unlucky episode in his musical career during X Factor Germany 2011, it seems that Nathan has finally found himself as an artist. With his only single release so far called “Like It Is” in June 2016, he showed that he has a knowledge of how current R’n’B and pop music should sound these days.

What makes Nathan different compared to Brendan Murray and Hovig:

Well for sure Nathan is the biggest lucky bag in Eurovision 2017 so far. With knowing almost nothing about his music and only one single release so far, this can go either way – proving once again Austria isn’t afraid of taking risks at Eurovision! As far as we know, Nathan’s latest music style has Justin Timberlake style written all over it, which could again be his greatest strength – or perhaps also his biggest weakness if people feel he is trying too hard to be contemporary or think this is unsuitable for Eurovision.

As his entry for Eurovision is already done and will be released in February and Nathan has stated “The song is a reflection of my current habitation” and “is the essence how he feel right now” it could go either way from Pharrell Williams “Happy” to Justin Timberlake “Cry Me A River”. One thing is for sure with his interesting vocal ability and his up to date music style, with the right song this Eurovision lucky bag can pull of a surprise in Kyiv:

Tell us what you think? Who of these three artist will be the most successful in Kyiv?

Let us know what you think!

Author: Sascha Frasz

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Nice piece there – IMO, based solely on their vocals, I would go for Nathan at the moment but without knowing what they are singing, it is so difficult to tell! Brendan so needs the ‘right song’, otherwise his selection could backfire badly – Hovig has the experience of previous competition, which will help him.

    You doing another article about the ladies so far? 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your feedback Martin. Of course it will all depend on the songs in the end but we thought it would be nice to take a look at the current music styles of the different male artists. Thank you for the idea to do the same with the so far chosen female artists as well.

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