#BELARUS – TOP 3 Predictions from Today’s Auditions

belarusToday was the day when the open audition of the national selection took place at Belarusian Television and Radio Company (BTRC).

We watched the auditions, had some laughs, had some sighs and some “that’s a good one!”

From the 67 songs presented on the youtube channel,  three caught my attention and I really hope I’m gonna see them in the final.

In no perticular order, those are:

  • Kattie – Wild Wind / “Дикий ветер”. Kattie sings a beautiful ballad about hope “So hold on for dear life (…) till the wind settles down”

  • Анжелика Пушнова – We Should Be Together / “Мы должны быть вместе” 

A radio-friendly pop song with a Eurovision classic sound and a memmorable chorrus.

  • Navi Band – “Гісторыя майго жыцця”

    After finishing last year on the 4th place, maybe this 3rd time will be lucky for the duo consisting of Kseniya and Artyom. To be honest I don’t know what they’re singing about (something with history I suppose) but I want to clap too and shout “Hey! Hey” 🙂

A professional jury will name no more than 15 finalists, and their names should be announced later on today.

The final selection will take place no later than January 25. The finalist with the highest number of points both from the jury and audience will be named the winner and the official representative of Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev.

Who is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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