Eurovision 2016

JESC Remembers: Part 1 – United Kingdom


In the start of a casual series surrounding past participating nations, we look at their history surrounding the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Part 1: United Kingdom

The United Kingdom competed at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in the first three contests. The United Kingdom debuted in Copenhagen 2003 at the first contest, also taking part in Lillehammer 2004 and Hasselt 2005.

Tom Morley took part in 2003 with his entry My Song For The World. He placed 3rd with a total of 118pts. 2003 was the only year the contest was shown on ITV.

Video Source: JuniorEurovisionTV

Cory Spedding took part in 2004 with her entry The Best Is Yet To Come. She placed 2nd with a total of 140pts. For 2004 and 2005, the contest was shown on ITV’s secondary channel ITV2.

Video Source: JuniorEurovisionTV

Joni Fuller was (as we speak), the last participant to represent the United Kingdom in 2005 with How Does It Feel? She finished 14th with 28pts.

Video Source: JuniorEurovisionTV

Is a return possible? A return nearly took place in 2008 with the Welsh equivalent of Channel 4 – S4C. The idea was to bring the Welsh language to a wider audience. Since 2013, Ewan Spence has brought commentary to the airwaves firstly in the UK and then from 2014 onwards, worldwide. Radio Six International is responsible for the international broadcast.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland and Wikipedia

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