Does the magic dust still work for the “fairy” Saara Aalto?

Does the magic dust still work for the “fairy” Saara Aalto?

Well we think so as she was for the 3rd time in the bottom three at the X Factor UK, but after a heart-felt rendition of “Who You Are” originally by Jessie J, she was saved by the jury vote (3 for staying in the competition, one to leave it).

Last night Saara tried a weird and courageous look that did not convince the British public to vote for her. Probably the song choice didn’t help her that much to fully showcase her range. Here you can watch her performance of “Sound Of The Underground”

Do you still root for her? What do you think are her chances? Let us know!

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Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image source: Youtube capture

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