Lisa-Jayne’s Eurovision Fashion Run-down!

As Jamala-gate rumbles on (she won people – get over it!) I’m taking my annual look at who wore what at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. We caught up with many of the performers on the red carpet this year, where it’s all about the fashion! If you missed our Red Carpet Special you can catch it here

However in a nod to tradition, I’m bringing you my five ‘best dressed’ and in PART 2 my five ‘not quites’ of this year

Best Dressed…

Dami Im – Australia

ESC Dami ESC Dami2

I’m starting with Dami – to be honest I’ve never seen this young lady look anything other than spectacular, even when she popped in for an interview with us after rehearsals, she still looked immaculate. The dress for the show I thought was wonderful. The ones shouldered gown with a serious hi-lo hemline in the most beautiful soft patterned organza was just perfect on Dami. The soft white colour (that’s colour, Poland, with a U, just sayin’!) compliments Dami’s skin tone and contrasts so well with the black sparkly box. accessorised with a full arm jewel, more bling, on Dami’s left arm, the most fabulous sparkly shoes and makeup kept simple with just a colour pop of pink lipstick – this is a real style winner for me!

Jamala – Ukraine

ESC Jamala

Say what you like about the song (an I know many of you have!0 but Jamala’s choice of wardrobe was nigh on perfect for me. It was contemporary and cool, with a hint of the ethnic about it. The colour was a great choice for Jamala, it would have been easy to go with black because quite obviously to me the decision had been made to not allow the look to overshadow the song, but black would have been too harsh for Jamala’s skin tone, no, this navy was just lovely on her. Jamala, like Dami, never put a fashion foot wrong the whole time we were in Stockhom, from rehersals to interview, red carpet to stage, she looked fabulous – Paris, Milan, London…could Kyiv be the new fashion capital of Europe?

Iveta Mukuchyan – Armenia

ESC Iveta

It always amazes me that it’s our seemingly more conservative nations that seem to send the most scantily dressed women to the contest. This year we were treated to Iveta Mukuchyan’s legs in this black and beige leotard with chiffon cape, and what fine legs they are! Actually in all seriousness I think this is a great look for Iveta , it’s cool and modern and seemed to suit not only Iveta but the song too. There was wind, pyro, smoke and a belter of a tune and personally I thought Iveta’s look was the perfect compliment to an outstanding year for Armenia at Eurovision.

Douwe Bob – Netherlands

ESC Douwe

It’s not just the girls who looked smokin’ this year, there was the fair share of well dressed boys up on that stage too, Douwe Bob from Netherlands looked very handsome in this purpley-blue suit, which had a bit of a throwback to the 1950’s and the feel of the stars of the time. The colour is unusual and I like that, again it’s so easy with boys to stick to blacks and browns but going out on a limb and taking a fashion risk can pay off sometimes, it certainly does here! Paired with a crisp white shirt, casually unbuttoned to reveal Douwe’s new rose neck tattoo, I think that The Netherlands got it bang on with the styling of Douwe Bob.

Hovi Star – Israel

ESC Hovi

I think Israel wins my award (if there was such a thing) for BEST DRESSED. You may think this a slightly odd choice, after all, it’s a bloke dressed head to toe in black, and I’ve spent the past few paragraphs explaining why I like it when people don’t wear black! Let me explain… firstly I think the only colour you could have gone with here is black. The song is a beautiful ballad and it’s set off by stunning staging, elegant pyrotechnics and beautiful acrobatics, adding a bright colour into the mix would have upset the balance. That said, its not just solid black, Hovi is wearing a black sparkly shirt and black sparkly gloves too, this elevates the colour and brings it alive without adding to the entire colour story of the staging. I think what impressed me most though is that Hovi is a big character, he’s spoken a lot about fashion, he’s quite clearly a fashionista of the highest order and when you add in the hair and makeup – Hovi is one stand out guy at the contest this year, it could have been so easy to play up to that on the stage, and yet they don’t. It’s Hovi’s on point vocals that are highlighted here, he’s not drowned by clothes, it’s simple, elegant, beautiful and my stand-out fashion inner for this year.

And one for luck!

Ok I know I said 5, but I just can’t end without a special nod to Malta and Ira Losco who made maternity wear look totally stunning and rocked the mini-bump look in absolute style…



Still to come are my ‘not quite’s’ – I would have said fashion disasters, but there weren’t really any absolutely hideous looks this year, well maybe there was one – stay tuned…!

What do you think? Who were your fashion winners for 2016?

Author Lisa-Jayne Lewis
Source: Eurovision Ireland


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