Eurovision 2016

SPAIN : Media Claims of Miscommunication Between Barei and TVE at Eurovision


Spanish media is awash with stories of alleged challenges between Barei and TVE that she experienced with the staging of her song ‘Say Yay!’ at the recent Eurovision Song Contest.

Barei said on a Spanish radio/internet program called ‘Pasion Eurovision’ (LISTEN HERE) that she and her team prepared a storyboard with all the performance details that she and her team wanted to create at Eurovision. This included all the camera angles, light effects and also the staged falling of Barei to the floor.

Similar comments were raised in another interview before the actual Grand Final (READ HERE) According to further interviews (HERE) and (HERE) it is claimed that her team sent their staging plans TVE so they could then pass onto SVT.

The above interviews claim that when Barei and her team took to their first rehearsal they were surprised because little of their original requests were in place. The articles claim that TVE said the responsibility lay with STV and that they had been concentrating on the semi final rehearsals.

However the articles claim that the ‘Stand in rehearsals’, that are now on YouTube, do not resemble what Barei and her team had submitted to TVE – see video above.

What we will say is that rehearsals are for fine tuning performances and it is rare that artists – either Eurovision or otherwise –  get their first rehearsals as they specified. That is what rehearsals are for as you will see every year from our live blogs. The performances eventually get to where they want to be come the live show.

Barei Trending Story

In the articles, Barei herself says that she is not claiming that had her team’s directions been communicated as she thought at the start, would have made a difference to her overall result, but the Spanish media seems to have taken up the story. The story was trending in Spain with the hashtag #fedeytoñifueradeeurovision which refers to the Spanish Delegation we believe.

Barei is touring and promoting her new album ‘Throw the Dice’ that is on sale now (CLICK HERE)


Source : Pasion Eurovision, Vanitatis, and lavanguardia






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