UKRAINE : Is this a video of Jamala performing ‘1944’ in May 2015 – What the EBU needs to do?

Jamala or Conspiracy

Is this a breaking of the rules of Eurovision or a plot against Ukraine?

A YouTube video surfaced today allegedly showing Jamala performing her song ‘1944’ back in May 2015 yet under a different name.

Scroll through this video to 4 Minutes 35 seconds and take a look.


Before people cry for Ukraine to be disqualified let us point out some observations

  • The video is shot too far away to establish whether it’s actually Jamala singing the song 
  • Again as the video is shot from a distance it is unclear if the sound on the video has been superimposed over the original track. You cannot say if the person singing is actually singing ‘1944’
  • It has been seen before that videos can be rewound and fake dates placed on YouTube
  • How come the video only got so few views and comments have only started being registered today?


What should the EBU do?

This is very simple

  • Ask the Ukraine delegation if this is indeed Jamala performing
  • Did she perform ‘1944’ outside of the permitted date for 2016 entry
  • Liaise with YouTube to verify when the video in question was uploaded according to their background information platform
  • Contact the YouTube Channel owner to gain their original recording of the video to try and verify the dating 
  • Make the details of the investigation public


Failure by the EBU to carry out the above investigation will be a disservice to Jamala. All of these allegations need to be dispelled for the benefit of Ukraine and the contest once and for all!

What do you think?



Jamala has responded to the allegations – READ HERE

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Author/Editor in Chief : Garrett Mulhall

Source: N Tee – YouTube




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