Eurovision 2016

International Juries Announced For Eurovision 2016 – Former Contestants Included But Who?

Jury Members

Who are the jury members who will vote at Eurovision 2016?

The list of the 5 members of each of the 42 International Juries at Eurovision 2016 have been announced and there are several former contestants from across the years. These are the people who will be responsible for the Jury Votes this year.

To see the full list of jury members CLICK HERE


Former Contestants

Albania – Kesji Tola (2009)

Belarus – Teo (2014)

Belgium – Axel Hirsoux (2014)

Denmark – Basim (2014)

Hungary – Kati Wolf (2011)

Ireland – Molly Sterling (2015)

Serbia – Bojana (2015)

Spain – Have invited almost all of their national finalists to be Jury members – Electric Nana, Xuso Jones, Salvador Beltran and Maverick.

Sweden – Melodifestivalen finalists Wiktoria and Anton Ewald


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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall
Source: Eurovision Ireland

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