Eurovision-By-Numbers: Host Cities & Host Nations

Eurovision By Numbers

Eurovision and Quizzes go hand in hand – or so it seems more and more these days, with the contest been mentioned in various television quiz shows and pub quizzes. For those of you travelling to Stockholm for Eurovision next month, it’s time to swat up on some fun facts as there is usually a quiz or two at the Eurovision Fan Café each year. However, if you’re not attending, it’s a great way to build up your knowledge.

Host Cities & Host Nations

Today I’ll guide you through some fun statistics around Host Cities and Host Nations. You would think that Ireland would’ve hosted it the most times after they’ve won the most – wrong! In the earlier years, it was common for another broadcaster to step in if the winning nation didn’t want to host.

First of all, lets take a look at the Top 5 Host Nations.

1) United Kingdom

Yes, you may well be shocked to hear that the United Kingdom has hosted the contest a staggering 8 times after only winning it 5 times. In the earlier years (1960, 1963, 1972), the BBC stepped in to host the contest when others couldn’t. The last time the contest was held in the United Kingdom was 1998.

3) Sweden

After Sweden took victory for the sixth time in Vienna last year, 2016 will see the contest in the country for the sixth time and Stockholm for the third.

=4) The Netherlands

The Netherlands last won the contest back in 1975, but hosted it for a fourth (and last time at the moment) in 1980.

=4) Luxembourg

Luxembourg, like The Netherlands have also hosted the contest four times. The last time they hosted it was in 1984 in Luxembourg City, like the three previous occasions.

Now let’s take a look at the Top 5 Host Cities.

1) Dublin, Ireland

Dublin has hosted in contest on six occasions – the last been in 1997. The Point was the venue for the last three occasions the contest visited Dublin.

=2) London, United Kingdom

The contest has been held in the capital on four separate occasions – the last been in 1977 after Brotherhood of Man won the previous year. Europe did however return to the British capital for the one off “Greatest Hits” last year, to celebrate sixty years of the contest.

=2) Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg City has also hosted the contest four times. However, the contest has not visited the capital since 1984 and we are not due to return anytime soon since Luxembourg withdrew from the contest in the Nineties.

=4) Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the sole host city when Denmark have held the contest on three occasions. Europe descended on Copenhagen as recently as 2014 when we all visited the Ship Yard to witness Conchita take victory.

=4) Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm will be hosting the contest for a third time in 2016 after Mans took victory in Vienna. 2016 will also see a return to Globen, the venue of the contest back in 2000. Stockholm’s third hosting also see it move ahead of Malmo who have hosted the contest twice.

Why do you think these nations and cities have hosted our favourite contest the most times – including those that have stepped in to host when others couldn’t. Please leave a comment below.

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Author: Richard Taylor

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