Editorial : The Eurovision Style Bible – part 2

style bible

Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love and adore the world of fashion, makeup, shoes, bags, hair, yeah all that stuff! Every year I post my red carpet hits and misses on Facebook for the Oscar’s, the Grammy’s, the BAFTA’s and of course the Eurovision Song Contest.

So, as the performances are being rehearsed and refined ready for the stage in Stockholm in just a few weeks time. One of the other big considerations is, and us girls know this one very well, what am I going to wear? I’m indulging my passion for fashion and taking a look back at the Eurovision style bible, the gold-star dressers and the slightly odd from over the years, here are three more of my favourites..

Georgia 2015: Nina Sublati

This is how you do something cool at Eurovision. I adored Nina at last year’s contest, her song ‘Warrior‘ was one of my absolute favourites, not just of last year but in the contest as a whole. Nina looked amazing in the video for the song which was released ahead of the contest and I was very excited to see how this would translate on to the stage. Nina’s make up was brilliant, her black hot pants and thigh boots stunning and add the amazing feather detailing, and Nina definitely won, for me, in the style stakes last year.

Portugal 1978: Gemini

Now you may consider it a bit of a challenge to pick something stylish from the 1970’s, the era where everyone either looked like a hippy or a glam rocker, but I have found one. It’s Portuguese band Gemini, who whilst embracing the 1970’s love of all things floaty and chiffon, managed to look really fab whilst doing so. The navy and red dresses work really well for the camera and the men have teamed their shirts to compliment the colour of the dresses. A very stylish look pulled off by a ‘swishy sleeve’ (to quote our own Elaine Dove) and a simple long dress.

Ukraine 2004: Ruslana

And then Xena: Warrior Princess showed up! Ruslana walked on to the stage in 2004 ready to do battle and proving that you can actually wear a costume at Eurovision and get it right. Of course it helps that Ruslana is gorgeous, has the perfect figure and can whip her hair around like a true pro. Yes, Ruslana definitely makes a welcome entry in my Eurovision Style Bible.

And now the not-so-good! Here’s another three of my fashion ‘misses’, you may disagree but for me these are the outfits that make me wonder why somewhere along the planning process someone didn’t say ‘no’!

Albania 2012: Rona Nishliu

It would be easy to just start this by saying ‘what the …’, actually that’s exactly what I’m going to do. What on earth were they thinking, who thought this was a good idea? Now I’m all for something a little different, quirky and unusual but this is just all wrong, from the giant weird hair piece to the huge PVC collar, the shapeless dress with it’s weird bits of fabric hanging off the front, big fat 0 from me in the style stakes.

Ireland 2010: Niamh Kavanagh

I’m sorry Niamh, but this dress is just awful. Now obviously Niamh had developed a few curves since her Eurovision win back in 1993 which, as a curvy girl myself, I obviously have no problem with, but my goodness that dress did absolutely nothing to flatter Niamh at all. She’s standing on a plinth which is buried underneath her dress so it totally throws of the proportions, and the ‘Cadbury’ purple colour also clashes with Niamh beautiful red hair, essentially Niamh is left standing on the stage, unable to move, wearing a ‘Dairy Milk’ wrapper – we love you Niamh, but hope you’ve donated that dress to a charity shop.

Sweden 1974: Abba

Now don’t jump on me just yet – let me explain! First excuse is it was the 1970’s, so we do have to take that into consideration. Actually for the 1970’s Frida & Agnete’s outfits are very fitting of the period and I actually quite like them both in their own special way, however what really annoys me about this (and many other ESC performances) is that they simply don’t look like members of the same band. To me it’s as though both ladies rocked up in Brighton having not phoned each other before to at least ask what colour the other one is wearing. Great song and of course Eurovision legends, but they looked better in their postcard video than in the actual performance.

Who do you think should appear in the style bible – good or bad? Let us know in the comments section…

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Author: Lisa-Jayne Lewis
Source: Eurovision Ireland

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