Eurovision Stars; Whatever happened to…(pt2)


Continuing a look at where some of our favourite Eurovision stars of the past (Part 1 HERE) are today and what they’ve been up to since we saw them at the song contest, today it’s the turn of 2008 winner Marija Šerifović and 2003 Junior ESC winner Dino Jelusić…

Marija Šerifović


Marija proved a hugely popular win on the night for Serbia, taking their first ever title in 2007, then at the young age of 22, she blew everyone away with her strong vocal and emotionally charged performance of the song ‘Molitva’, As a well established artist in Serbia with an impressive back catalogue it was just a few weeks after the contest that she released a ‘Best of…’ album. Less than two years later Marija was back in the studio again and subsequently she released her third studio album called ‘Nisam Andeo’ (I’m No Angel) followed very closely by ‘Andeo’ (Angel).

Marija’s love for music is paired also with a sharp political mind and she has voiced strong support for the Serbian Radical Party and the Independent Democratic Serbian Party, performing at the party rallies of each. In 2010 Marija filled the Belgrade Arena for a very successful solo concert, featuring guest artist including that year’s Serbian Eurovision hopeful Milan Stankovic.

A spell away from the recording studio followed, during which a TV documentary aired in Serbia called ‘Confessions’ in which revealed more about Marija’s life, her secrets, her success and challenges. This was also followed by a book and promotional tour of the same name. In 2013 she came out as a lesbian. After a five year gap 2014 saw her return to the studio and release her fifth album entitled Hrabro. Sporting a great new super-cropped hair-do, Marija is still performing, still touring and if you check out her Facebook page you’ll see where she’s performing next!


Dino Jelusić


At the tender age of 11 Dino Jelusić was the first ever winner of Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2003. Dino wowed the contest with his piano playing and dancing and he up beat pop song ‘Ti si moja prva ljubav’ (You Are My One and Only’. He achieved 134 points on the night and gave Croatia their first ever Eurovision victory (kind of!)

These days Dino can be described as more Hard Rock, than sweet little Eurovision kid, he now performs with a band called Dino Jelusić & The Mad Dogs. Dino’s career since his Eurovision victory has certainly been eventful. In 2005 he returned to Junior Eurovision to support and accompany his sister Lorena who had been chosen to represent Croatia that year.

In 2009 Dino travelled to Melbourne, Australia to begin work on a new album, he then travelled to Malmo, Sweden to work with producer Robert Ahrling to complete and release the album. In 2011 The album, featuring a wide range of music styles, was released. It was called ‘Living My Own Life’ and featured orchestral ballads as well as metal songs too. 2011 also saw Dino perform in the opera Carmen with his school.


In 2012 Dino travelled to South Africa to be part of a large international music project called ‘Synkropation’, the album from this was release in 2013, by which time Dino was lead singer of an Iron Maiden tribute band back in Zagreb. With various bands Dino has now released four albums, the latest of which has recently been released, it’s called ‘Maraton za sve’.

And if you were to think that Dino’s association with Eurovision is long gone, think again, the bassist in Dino Jelusić & The Mad Dogs Damjan Milekovic will be in Stockholm this year with Romanian singer Ovidiu Anton.


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Author: Lisa-Jayne Lewis
Source Eurovision Ireland

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