Now that the National Finals season is finished and all songs for Eurovision 2016 have been selected we now have a period of around 5 weeks where we wait for the rehearsals to begin in Stockholm. What better way to fill the time than to look back over the 60 years of Eurovision at some of the best and worst entries that countries have sent to the Eurovision stage. There are 43 countries going to Stockholm to take part in the 2016 edition of our favourite musical extravaganza and we continue our journey with Denmark who have won the contest three times, come second once and third on three occasions. They have also come last once in 44 participations. You can check out the previous articles in the best and worst series for Ireland HERE ,Spain HERE, Austria HERE, Bosnia & Herzegovina HERE,Iceland HERE and Belarus HERE.


So this year Denmark are represented by Lighthouse X with the song ‘Soldiers of Love’. We will have to wait and see if it turns  out to be more of a best or  worst song for Denmark but the overall reaction is fairly mixed so far. You can read about our announcement of their win in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix HERE.


So my selections for best and worst entries are based on a combination of actual results and personal taste. Denmark have had 44 previous entries and many of them are memorable enough. So many to choose from Denmark tend to go for many MOR entries which are all quite good so its a case of finding those few which stand out from the pack for good or for bad.

My first choice for one of Denmark’s finest takes us back to 1989 in Lausanne where the Danish entry was sung by  Birthe Kjær  and was called ‘Vi maler byen rød‘.


The song was  an evocation of good times, with Kjær describing the fun that can be had by “painting the town red”. The vocal style was memorable as was the performance. She was accompanied on the stage by 3 dancer/singers in white suits and red bow ties. In fact fact one of them started the performance as the conductor(remember them?) and was invited on stage by Birthe which he duly did. The song was well received and came 3rd with 111 points.



Moving along we now look at one of the worst entries for Denmark. The year was 1997 and we were in Dublin to see Kølig Kaj perform the song ‘Stemmen i mit liv‘.

Kolig Kaj

Now this was the last song to be performed in Danish at Eurovision and the artist brings his hip hop style to the Eurovision stage with little success or plaudits. The song deals with the singer’s difficulties in speaking to the object of his strong affections. The lyrics are ambiguous as to whether this is a real person or an automated voice on the directory enquiries service. It finished in 16th place with only 25 points.

So now I can introduce you to another best of Danish Eurovision. The last time we were in Stockholm was also at The Globen Arena and the year was 2000. The rather unfancied Danish entry was The Olsen Brothers singing ‘Fly on the Wings of Love’

Olsen brothers

Now this was only my second live Eurovision Final that I attended and my first on foreign soil. So this year is like going back to where it all began. I remember chatting to some press people before the show and asking who to watch out for. Denmark was the general consensus which surprised me as it had gone completely underneath my radar. So after sticking a tenner on the nose I trooped into The Globen to see it romp home at 40/1 winning the whole darn thing with 195 points.

Moving on now we are back to one of the worst entries that Denmark have sent to the contest. It was in 2002 and we were in Tallinn to see Malene Mortensen singing ,Tell me who you Are’.


Now this was a very disappointing performance from Malene, very lacklustre on the night and a song that had plenty followers seem to fall flat on its face. Ultimately its fate was sealed and it finished 24th and last with only 7 points.

The last best of Danish Eurovision is a timeless classic as far as I am concerned. The year was 1995 and it was in Dublin where we saw Aud Wilken take the Eurovision stage at The Point with the song ‘Fra Mols til Skagen‘.

Aud Wilken

The song was not well received initially by the Danish public as it had been selected by jury professionals but the performance of this slow love ballad proved to be a real winner in the hearts of the fans and it placed in 5th with 92 points.

Now we have arrived at the last song in this little selection for Denmark and it is another of those baddies. The year was 1980 and we were in The Hague to see a rather stripey Bamses Venner singing ‘Tænker altid på dig‘.

Bamses Venner

This  was wrong for all the right reasons. Good looking guy lets himself go a bit and laments about missing his ‘friend'(lover). But he promised that he will always be thinking of them. The outfits were certainly memorable as you will see in the video. But alas it came in a lowly 14th with only 25 points.

So there we have it folks, my little delve into Danish Eurovision history and some of the best and worst moments over the years. Do you agree with all or even any of my choices? Feel free to comment below.

This series will continue with another look at songs over the years for each and every country competing in Eurovision 2016 so keep coming back for more reflections of the best and worst that Eurovision has had to offer us.


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Author: Andrew Main

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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