AZERBAIJAN : First Impressions on their Eurovision entry ‘Miracle’ by Samra

Mircale First Thought

Who will represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2016?

Well we broke that news some time back that reality sing contest star Samra would fly the Azeri flag in Stockholm with the song ‘Miracle’.

The song has been released and here are our Initial thoughts on ‘Miracle’.

Game On!

This is a modern mid tempo power ballad that grabs you instantly with the hip hop beats and then spins you around with the killer chorus that is laden with so many hooks that you are caught like a fish out of water instantly!

There is no holding back on this song and it is a contemporary anthem like song that would not be out of place on a Beyoncé album.

Now have you noticed something about the video?

It is one take! No editing and simple camera work where Samra sings directly to the camera for 3 minutes solidly! Do you realise how difficult that is and to do it with conviction where you bring the viewer into the story of the song! WOW! The staging of the video is dramatically undramatic…if that makes sense.


Sometimes less is more and this is an expert class on how to do just that. Samra in a room on her own where the lighting creates the drama and the interest in the song. No dancers pretending to be wolves and no trapeze artist, all of which is detracting from great songs. This is simplicity working at it’s best.

If the official video is what we see and hear on stage in Stockholm – then this is has to be a contender.

Keep a close eye on this song!

What do you think of ‘Miracle’? Can it make the grand final? Can it give Azerbaijan its second win at the contest?


Don’t be shy – comment below!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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