ESTONIA: 10 things you didn’t know about Eurovision contestant Juri Pootsmann

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Estonia has made its final selection for Eurovision 2016 and the winner is Juri Pootsmann with his song ‘Play’. If you haven’t yet heard the winning song, check it out here.

So who is Juri Pootsmann? We did some searching and found some facts:


Who is he? Juri is a young Estonian singer, currently signed to Universal Music Baltics.

How old? Juri was born 1st July 1994, placing him at 21 years old and in the zodiac house of Cancer.

Crabby much? The sign of Cancer is the crab. By nature, Cancerians are sensitive, emotional and caring. They make great parents but at the moment, Juri’s mind is on Eurovision glory!

Happy Birthday! Juri shares his birthday with celebrities like rapper Missy Elliot, the late Princess Diana, and Lord of the Rings actress Liv Tyler.

Eesti Otsib Superstaari: Juri’s career really took off when he won Eesti Otsib Superstaari, which translates as Estonia’s Search for a Superstar. They certainly found one in Juri! Here, he duets with Gertu Pabbo on ‘Heroes’ by 2015’s Eurovision winner, Mans Zelmerlow – and a great version it is too!

Play: Juri’s Eurovision song ‘Play’ was co-written by Stig Rasta, who competed in Eurovision 2015 with singer Elina Bon. Their song, ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’, finished 7th. Not bad at all!

Estonia: Having only won Eurovision once back in 2001 with Tanel Padar, Dave Benton & 2XL with the song “Everybody”. Can Juri take it all the way? We can only wait and see.

He does a mean Prince cover: Watch Juri’s cover version of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’. It gave me the chills…in a good way!

Follow Juri: It seems that Juri is a keen Instagram user. Follow him on @jyripootsmann

He’s also on Facebook: If you’re not into Instagram (who isn’t these days?) you can message him ‘good luck’ on Facebook.




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