Eurovision 2016

SWEDEN : Melodifestivalen Final will be a tasty “La Dolce Vita” Medley of Past Hits

Interval Act Pic

Dust off your glitterballs and get ready to dance your way down the Melodifestivalen history books this Saturday.

The Swedish grand final is not just selecting their song for Eurovision each year. The interval act is always a fan favourite. So what does Papa Schlager have in store for you this Saturday?

It will be a trip down memory lane with classic #Melfest hits that in the majority didn’t win the contest yet went on to be hits.

Who will you have?

DJ Mendez – “Adrenaline” (2002)

Mariette – “Don’t stop believing” (2015)
Timoteij – “Kom” (2010)
Brandsta City Släckers – “Kom och ta mig” (2002)
Linus Svenning – “Bröder” (2014)
Sarah Dawn Finer – “Moving on” (2009)
Magnus Carlsson – “Live forever” (2007)

Caroline Af Ugglas – “Snälla Snälla” (2009)
Andreas Johnson – “Sing for me” (2006)
Nanne Grönwall – “Håll Om Mig” (2005)
Anton Ewald – “Begging” (2013)

Kikki and Bettan (Kikki Danielsson and Elisabeth Andreassen) – “Vem é dé du vill ha” (2002)
BwO – “Lay your love on me” (2008)
Charlotte Perrelli – “Hero” (2008)
After Dark – “La dolce vita” (2004)


Forget the competition! We want the Interval act!

Who are you looking forward to hearing the most?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : SVT


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