FINLAND: 10 things you didn’t know about Sandhja


Sing It Away by Sandhja has been chosen by Finland as the competing song for Eurovision 2016 at Stockholm. Is it a winner? Our crystal ball is good, but not that good. In the meantime, here’s 10 quick facts to get you up to speed on Sandhja.

Who is Sahdhja? Born in Helsinki to her Finnish father and Indo-Guyanese mother, Sandhja has an eclectic mix of the frozen north and the mysterious east in her blood.

How old is she? Born in 1991, Sandhja is currently 24 years old.

Star sign: Sandhja’s birthday, on the 16th of March, puts her in the astrological house of Pisces. Pisceans, by nature, are intense, personalities with an experimental side. Something which shines through in her musical performances.

Birthday: Sandhja shares her birthday with celebs like rapper Flavor Flav, actor Jerry Lewis and actor Alan Tudyk.

Musical career: Sandhja has been pursuing a career in music for a few years now. In 2013, she released her first album Gold, from which the singles Hold Me and Gold were released.

Influences: Sandhja cites genres such as R&B, soul, dance-pop and funk as inspiration. She’s a funky lady!

Other releases: Besides her releases from Gold and her Eurovision song, Sing It Away, Sandhja also released a third single, My Bass in 2015. She’s also worked with Brandon Bauer on his rap single The Flavor.

Singer-songwriter: Sandhja isn’t just a pretty face. She writes and composes her own sings and lyrics. Wanting the freedom to say what she feels and to arouse emotion in those who listen to her music. (We think you do that very well, Sandhja).

Singing is in her blood. Sandhja’s Great-Great-Grandmother was well known in her locality for singing at weddings and funerals. Today, Sandhja honours her ancestor by carrying that musical torch. She’d be so proud!

Want to wish Sandhja good luck? You can leave a message on her website:, Instagram page: @sandhjaofficial or her Facebook page.


Author : Jennifer Roche

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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