Eurovision 2016

#POLAND – Come together at the end of the night for Poland’s National Final…. Live blog at 2125 CET


Good Evening Europe, despite signing off from A Dal last week and thinking my time was through, I’ve been pressed into the late shift for Poland…  so come and join me, Phil Colclough of OnEurope  at 21.25CET (after everything else has finished) for our LIVE BLOG of ’61. Konkurs Piosenki Eurowizji – Krajowe Eliminacje – Polska’.


How To Watch

The Show starts at 21.25 CET

You can watch internationally using the following link HERE

LIVE BLOG – Starts 20:00 CET Here

You know the drill by now peeps. You just refresh the page after each song for my comments. Don’t forget we will be awarding our #MagicMic Award for the most memorable moment of the show!

That would be, if the show started! – Good evening and welcome to our live coverage of Melodifestivalen… No, just kidding – that should be over now… We will be concentrating on Poland!

And lo it starts, with a man at a piano, which is always good and last years entrant, whos name escapes me, but she’s singing her song in Polish!

Also for some reason we’re having two UK Winners being played in Poland, so not complaining, followed by Waterloo…. and yet more UK…..  I heart Poland for remembering we exist!

  • Taraka – In the rain


Taraka starts this shindig off.   I suppose Old Man rockers is the best way to describe this.  It has a walking bass line that certainly gets the crowd going (maybe) but it’s a very plodding song and the best bit is the backdrop to the stage.

Oh our compare is a wag


  • NAPOLI – My universe


Ah yes, it’s the Disney entry. You’re lead singer tries to sing Gravity from a couple of years ago but misses the tune and the beat (and the giant), then it changes into an 80’s pop song riff and there is even a key modulation but i’m struggling to stay awake.  It goes nowhere fast.

Quick snippet of “Whats the Pressure” to fill time…

  • Natalia Szroeder – Lustra


First thought – Why is Linda Bentzing moonlighting in Poland, but I suspect that other questions are more important like, what’s the song like Phil?.  Well, glad you asked.  It’s a bit schlagery and a bit uptempo and has a man in a mask mincing behind her but, again, It’s nothing special and is an album track at best.  It is, though, the best of the 3 so far and a section of the audience have banners for this one so I expect it not to be last…..

Quick snippet of Spain…. That song is as catchy as Herpes too…. and I hate Spanish songs as a rule…

  • Dorota Osińska – Universal


As people that follow my site know, i’m not one for being a shrinking violet when it comes to an opinion.  Either my stream is badly awry or Dorota can’t really sing. I think i’m wiping a trickle of blood from my aural orifices (ears to you).  It’s *supposed* to be a big uplifting ballad but she is trying to smash the hell out of all the notes, and failing miserably.  This is a long three minutes and the mix is also awful.  Does this have any redeeming features?? well it ends!!

Quick shot of Switzerland song…..

  • Kasia Moś – Addiction


I’m not sure what Kasia is addicted to…. it might be cigarettes with her voice, of botox with her looks but i am finding it easy to give this song up. I presume she’s trying to sing easy listening building up  to a crescendo but the song ends up being another album track or a Mariah or Whitley filler track.  Crowd are up for it though, but not for me.

Quick snatch (!) of Albania… remember them?

  • Ola Gintrowska – Missing


This is the contest that keeps on giving! – You know when you’ve had a few drinks there is the karaoke pub singer that tries to sing a 1980’s rock ballad…… that.  AND she’s dressed like a mermaid!! – there are no words,


Quick snatch of “our” Nicky next…..

  • Michał Szpak – Color of your life 


Remind me, I must thank our glorious leader for allowing me to cover both A Dal and this geniusness.  Michal next, Long hair, Red jacket, power ballad, Violins…. yes, kids, it really is still 1985 in Ponald.  Lots of hearts in the audience swaying for this one and I suspect they are delusional and just when you thought you couldn’t get any more  80’s, there is a faux and small key change before the end…  Lots of screaming from the audience….

Ahhhh Quick snatch of Freddie next…. If I get to Stockholm, I’m stalking him!

  • Margaret – Cool me down


Now then, now the chaff has gone – we’re down to the superfinal!! – Margaret is next and is channelling Rihanna clearly in this song.  To be fair though, it is head and shoulders above everything else in this final.  Modern, poppy, well performed and choreographed.  I can’t see past this song, unless Edyta trades on her name and blows this out of the water… but not even that can cool her down, apparently.   The one thing against this is that hook… it’s catchy, yes, but there seems to be quite a lot of it, but that’s for another contest I think.

  • Edyta Górniak – Grateful


And just as Edyta gets to sing…. my stream crashes!! – It is literally the 80’s coming back!! – Please hold… une problem technique….
Right we’re back and the years have not been kind to Edyta….  Song seems to be a ballad but coming after Magaret, I think she’s just been knocked for 6.  Her voice is still as strong as ever and she’s trying to lift a shouty ballad to the top.  She’s clearly the fans choice but, thats it… all 9 songs have been sung!!

How The Winner Will Be Selected

The voting public can vote during the songs for ONLY that song when it’s on screen, and then in a 12 minute window after all songs have been presented. Only one vote can be cast for each artist, and in total that means everyone can vote 9 times (1 vote for each of the contestants).

#MagicMic Award

#MagicMic - Sascha Frasz Graphic Design

Well Ola has to win with her mermaid costume…. what a ….. well…… sight!




And the Golden envelope was carried from the vote count to the stage….

So it’s not Edyta…. She’s Third with 18%

So it’s not Magaret either!! – She’s in 2nd with 24%

So………… Michał Szpak won???? – eeerm HOW?! ( well clearly had too many televotes, 36% of them) but that is a very very odd result…..

…and on that note… I bid you adieu and will go and scratch my head as to how in holy h*ll that song actually won!! – Eurovision is a very strange beast.

Author Phil Colclough

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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