SAN MARINO: Serhat Press Conference Set for Paris on March 9th

Folk & SonsEarlier today, San Marino RTV issued a press release announcing singer more details on Serhat’s entry for Eurovision 2016. The concept and video is created and directed by Manfred Thierry Mugler, will be unveiled at a press conference in Paris next Wednesday, 9th March.

Serhat 2

Serhat. Photo: Julien Berger @Wibmedia

San Marino RTV have confirmed that Serhat, and the director of San Marino RTV, Carlo Romero, will be in attendance. We’re all very excited about this news here at Eurovision Ireland and will update you further when the song is released. Stay tuned!

Manfred T. Mugler and Serhat -- Julien Berger @ wibmedia

M.T. Mugler and Serhat. Photo: Julien Berger @Wibmedia

What can we expect?


Author : Jennifer Roche

Source : SMRTV

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