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Dobriy vechir! Kiev calling! First there were 17, then 6… but only one can take that all important ticket to Stockholm! Yes! It’s the Ukrainian National Final!

Tonight the 6 finalists chosen from the 2 exciting semi-finals will sing their hearts out for the chance to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 PLUS Ireland’s Eurovision representative Nicky Byrne will be performing his song for the contest #Sunlight

After blogging their way through the 1st Ukrainian semifinal James and Bogdan, (newly named as #JamDan)invite you to  #JoinUs at 18:00 CET for the LIVE BLOG of ‘The Ukrainian Final’. You know the drill – just refresh the page for full updates and our thoughts on the performances.

Tick Tock Ukraine – it’s decision time!

How To Watch


The Show starts at 18:00 CET

Watch the show using either this link or this one


Running Order

The 6 finalists chosen from the 2 semi-finals are singing tonight. These acts are:

#1  Brunettes Shoot Blondes – “Every Monday”

#2 NuAngels – “Higher”

#3 The Hardkiss – “Helpless”

#4 Jamala – “1944”

#5 SunSay – “Love Manifest”

#6 Pur:Pur – “We Do Change”


How The Winner Will Be Selected

After two semi finals just six artists are left in the running to represent Ukraine in Stockholm. The winner of the selection tonight is decided by 50% televote and 50% jury vote, the jury will rank the songs with 1 point to their sixth favourite up to 6 points to their favourite, the same will occur with the televote. In the event of a tie the song that has received the most votes from the public will represent Ukraine in May

 Inside the Final Rehearsals

Check out our exclusive pictures taken by Greg French from inside the final rehearsals, including Nicky Byrne in Kiev – looks like tonight will be quite a show!! 😀


LIVE BLOG – Starts 18:00 CET Here


You know the drill by now! You just refresh the page after each song for our comments. Don’t forget we will be awarding our #MagicMic Award for the most memorable moment of the show!


JAMES: Many of you out there have been wondering what we look like, so here’s a photo of #JamDan! This prove we’re real people and not machines programmed to talk about Eurovision!




JAMES: Almost show time Eurovision fans! *excited*

BOGDAN: Good evening Europe! So happy to meet you again! Sit back, relax and enjoy! The show is about to start!

JAMES: Here we go!!


JAMES: One of our hosts – who promises a storm of great Ukranian music is one its way… ooooohhhh!!

BOGDAN: We’re being given a recap of Ukraine’s Eurovision journey so far


JAMES: Our hosts for tonight… the one on the right still isn’t smiling!


BOGDAN: The judges, with Eurovision winner Ruslana carrying the national flag of Ukraine and the trophy for tonight’s winner

JAMES: Ruslana says that a lot of Americans as well as Europeans tuned in to watch the semi finals… isn’t that how it started with Australia? 😉

JAMES: The controversy about SunSay has been laid to rest. He is allowed to take part tonight as they state ‘Love Manifest’ wasn’t really released

BOGDAN: Ahh, what’s Eurovision without a bit of controversy? 😉

JAMES: Our first hopeful tonight, Brunettes Shoot Blondes is up next

BOGDAN: Their music video for Knock Knock went viral a while back, so they’re clearly popular

JAMES: Ukrainian girls seem to love them! But will the rest of Europe? Let’s listen to ‘Every Monday’

BOGDAN: They’ve changed the staging, looks more like their viral video


JAMES: Works a lot better with a subdued colour scheme

BOGDAN: I agree

BOGDAN: I wish it was a little more catchy and had more of a hook

JAMES: It’s a tad slow for my liking, but the rearranged staging is miles better

BOGDAN: It wasn’t very exciting for me. 6 points

JAMES: 7 from me. Sure these lads will go far in the music business

JAMES: The judges are saying their change in staging reflects a deeper change in Ukraine following the collapse of the USSR… interesting idea


JAMES: Doesn’t Ruslana look fab!

BOGDAN: She always looks great during these shows. The purple really suits her!

JAMES: They’re certainly giving detailed feedback tonight

BOGDAN: The voting rules are being explained – but lines only open at the end of the show

BOGDAN: NuAngels are up next – are they angels, or an Angel in Disguise?

JAMES: That was Latvia 😛

JAMES: Angels don’t dress like *THAT* !


JAMES: Well, they’ve definitely toned down the costumes! More sugar, less spice!

BOGDAN: They’ve both got really powerful voices… would be great for an alarm clock!

JAMES: The song has been reworked a little – and it’s really good

JAMES: Ukraine are more known for sending female soloists to Eurovision

BOGDAN: But don’t you think they can make an exception for two angels, James?

JAMES: Oh definitely!

BOGDAN: I like the vibe of the song, 8 points from me!

JAMES: I like it too, this is sure to do well. 8 points from me too

JAMES: Not a good representation of Ukraine abroad?

BOGDAN: I disagree – would be a great Eurovision entry

JAMES: NuAngels seem to be splitting the judges

JAMES: The Hardkiss will be performing next! Check out Eurovision Ireland’s video interview with them here

BOGDAN: Why not check out the interview while we have a quick ad break? 😀

JAMES: Looking at our stats tonight we can see that a lot of you are reading along in Finland tonight –  Hyvää iltaa Suomi! 😀

JAMES: And we’re back in Kiev!


BOGDAN: The Hardkiss are certainly popular in the audience tonight!

JAMES: Everyone else tonight has altered their staging a bit… curious to see if The Hardkiss have too…

JAMES: I love the look of these guys and their style… it’s like Lady Gaga meet Paramore!

BOGDAN: Oh wow!! I love it!! Looks like the movie 5th Element!

JAMES: I was thinking Katy Perry’s ET, but either way the result is FANTASTIC!

JAMES: Looks and sounds phenomenal. I think we’re both blown away here!

BOGDAN: Definitely!

BOGDAN: 10 points from me, it built on the success of the semi and looks fabulous – think we have a potential winner here!!

JAMES: Couldn’t agree more, it’s a Eurovision DOUZE POINTS from me! Awesome!!


JAMES: That guy at the back in the mask still gives me the creeps… 0_O Does he have a face under there?!

BOGDAN: Face or no face, think we have a winner here!

JAMES: The audience is calling their name – they really love The Hardkiss – and so do we! 😀

JAMES: High praise indeed from the judges! They just said they’re proud to have a band of such calibre in Ukraine

BOGDAN: They were great to start with, and they’ve improved even from that since the semi

JAMES: Shame you can only vote from Ukraine, we’d both vote for them!

BOGDAN: Up next we have Jamala and 1944

JAMES: Now this one I’m interested to see… think this could be another one to watch

BOGDAN: I’m curious to see what she’d done with the staging, see if it makes it even more powerful

JAMES: It’s definitely an emotive and powerful song. It’s based on her own family’s experiences, so it’s definitely personal

BOGDAN: I wonder if it’s too political for the contest


BOGDAN: So much pain in her voice… you can really feel it

JAMES: Political or not, it definitely says a lot about singing from your heart


JAMES: Epic staging – really brings it up

BOGDAN: It’s going to be a hard fought battle between Jamala and The Hardkiss… it’s hard not to give this one 10 points

JAMES: I agree. It’s so heartfelt and such a powerful performance

JAMES: 12 from me… it’s just hard not to hypnotised by Jamala’s singing

BOGDAN: A potential winner for tonight, definitely

JAMES: Will be interesting to see who the public choose

JAMES: One of the judges loves the song, but is criticising Jamala’s dress

BOGDAN: Remember, you can follow us or tweet us on Twitter at @EurovisionIrela or @JamDanESC – let us know what you’re thinking out there!

JAMES: Is it me, or are the judges discussing 1944 a lot more than the other entries?

JAMES: The judges are urging caution… it’s definitely got people talking and is a hugely emotive subject to be singing about… the judges are bickering and Jamala looks emotional

JAMES: The staging and the message of the song seem to be the most contentious things the judges are taking issue with

BOGDAN: And we’re on another break here in Kiev, stay tuned!

JAMES: We’re back in Ukraine! Two acts left to go

BOGDAN: The Man From Another Planet? Ok… O_0

BOGDAN: As the chorus of this song was available online in 2014, seems a bit old to be going up for Eurovision

JAMES: Does seem against the rules… but the judges said it was ok, so guess that’s that


BOGDAN: Wow! Didn’t expect that!

JAMES: Was definitely a cool intro!

BOGDAN: Great hook, really gets into your head repeating the same words over and over

JAMES: His voice really reminds me of someone, but I can’t place who…

BOGDAN: A 6 from me. I enjoyed it, but too repetitive

JAMES: I’ll give it a 7 – just for that Chain of Lights beginning 😉


JAMES: Verka is getting out a mobile phone to quote the EBU’s rules regarding song release dates! Definitely taking the rules seriously!

BOGDAN: Think this song might not make it to Eurovision if it’s already too controversial now

JAMES: Well we’ve definitely not been short on controversies tonight 😉

BOGDAN: They keep stressing the song hasn’t broken the rules and is allowed to compete… this happened in Romania once too and the song had to withdraw from the 2006 selection because the chorus had been heard before the deadline

JAMES: Ah, Dracula, My Love… brilliant song! Check it out here if you’ve never heard it before, a Eurovision hit that never was!


JAMES: Verka is really not happy about this!!

JAMES: Shouldn’t they have decided if the song was eligible to take part BEFORE they went live on TV?

BOGDAN: At least Ruslana is talking about something else other than if the song can take part… she loves the energy of the song and the performance

JAMES: Last contestant up now – Pur:Pur and ‘We Do Change’

BOGDAN: Finally!

BOGDAN: Ukraine’s answer to Bjork?


JAMES: At least she took the birdcage off her head!

BOGDAN:After all the performances tonight, this just doesn’t do anything for me… no chorus, no hook… nothing to remember, only her style

JAMES: I agree, seems to be the act is how she looks… it’s a pleasant enough song, but lacks any real wow factor

JAMES: Real butterflies? That was a nice touch 🙂

BOGDAN: A 5 from me


BOGDAN: The judges like the message of the song

JAMES: Verka just said the costume looks unusual, but is nice… I think Verka’s costume choice in 2007 was a lot more unusual!

BOGDAN: True, but we still loved it! 😀

JAMES: So true! 😀

JAMES: Ok folks, Ukraine has an hour to vote and decide it’s Eurovision fate. While they’re doing that, we’re going to take time to think about our #MagicMic Moment from tonight’s show


BOGDAN: So, we’re both in agreement, our #MagicMic Award goes to… *drumroll*


BOGDAN: What can we say? These guys always put on an amazing show and would be a great song to send to Stockholm – great stage presence, great vocals, they have it all!

JAMES: The Hardkiss are just incredible and gave us a really great show! While we both agreed this was our #MagicMic Moment, we also want to award an honorable mention to Jamala for her heartfelt performance of 1944

BOGDAN: Ok folks, we’ve got an hour until the show starts up, so take a break but be sure to join us again later for the results!

JAMES: You don’t want to miss it! See you soon Eurovision fans! 😀

JAMES: And we’re back live in Kiev! Did you miss us?

BOGDAN: And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for… not the results, Ireland’s Nicky Byrne!!


JAMES: Well! We knew Nicky wouldn’t disappoint and boy oh boy he didn’t!

JAMES: Nicky sounds great, the staging works and he even spoke in Ukrainian to the audience! Awesome! 😀

BOGDAN: The Ukrainian judges loved it and said Ireland have made the right choice – we certainly think so 😉 Was a really energetic performance!





JAMES: Awesome job Nicky, you’ve done Ireland really proud tonight!

BOGDAN: And you’ve done a lot for Irish-Ukrainian relations too!

JAMES: They’ve just said over 300,000 votes have been cast tonight – making it a Ukrainian record!

JAMES: We’ve got a veritable gallery of our boy Nicky singing in Kiev tonight!


BOGDAN: And the audience just loved him!

JAMES: Another quick break while the votes are tallied – then the jury will reveal their points!

BOGDAN: Whatever the result tonight, it will definitely be a close one

JAMES: Of course! I think it’ll come down to either Jamala or The Hardkiss… guess we’ll see soon enough!

JAMES: And we’re back! The results are in from the jury…

BOGDAN: The contestants file out onto the stage to hear the results…

JAMES: The suspense is killing us!!

JAMES: The jury will award its points 1-6

1 point – Brunettes Shoot Blondes

2 points – Pur:Pur

3 points – NuAngels


JAMES: Scoreboard so far… they sure like to talk!

4 points – SunSay

JAMES: Ruslana reminisces about her victory 12 years ago… was it really that long ago?!

5 points – Jamala

BOGDAN: Which means 6 points go to The Hardkiss!!

JAMES: The Hardkiss ranked highest with the jury! And the audience are WILD with excitement!


BOGDAN: Now time for the results from the public… we’re close to finding out who is going to Stockholm!

1 point – Brunettes Shoot Blondes

2 points – NuAngels

3 points from the public to – Pur:Pur

4 points – SunSay

5 points – The Hardkiss

6 points – Jamala

BOGDAN: It’s a tie! But because Jamala won the public vote, she wins! Congratulations!


JAMES: Thank you for reading with us tonight! It was a great show and a truly memorable one! Congratulations to Jamala!

BOGDAN: Thank you all for your patience and support!

From both of us: Thank you and good night Europe!

Till next time 😉

Authors: James Scanlan, Bogdan Stefan

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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