Eurovision 2016

Loreen drops the ‘F-Bomb’ on live TV at the Icelandic Eurovision National Selection

Loreen in Iceland

We gave up counting after the third swear word.

Loreen was a special guest at the Icelandic national final for Eurovision 2016 tonight (Congrats to Greta btw) . She performed her Eurovision classic and monster hit ‘Euphoria’ to the adoring audience.
Then came an interview with the hosts of the show ‘Söngvakeppnin’. You gotta love the Nordic openness.

Here is the performance and the interview

The hosts asked Loreen did she enjoy winning the contest back in 2012. Loreen’s answers were #Classic!

She said that winning the contest did nothing for her but performing helped her move out of a dark place.

She was then asked what advice would she give to the contestants in Stockholm this year she responded

“To all the singers….don’t give a f@cking sh#t about the contest” 

In essence she was telling them to enjoy the experience of being on the big stage and doing something they love. The competition is secondary. Well we hope that is what she meant lol.

Now you can imagine me trying to explain all of this to my niece that was with me looking at the show 😉

Welcome to Eurovision in Stockholm people! #LoveIt


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. I’ve watched South Park – kids know what all the swear words mean! Scandinavian and Mediterranean TV are a lot less uptight about these things – shall we see what would happen if Katrina or Mans do the same in London next week? 😉

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