Eurovision 2015

Sweden – Skandal in Melodifestival


Sweden: So today was the day that we finally got to hear the first batch of MelFest contenders, and SVT suggested that we’d be hearing them in dribs and drabs as the day went by. But time went on, and we’d yet to hear anything, but then they just started sneaking out in the late afternoon. And as soon as they did, a curious thing happened.


When it got to the big Anna Book reveal, those of us with long memories for a tune got twitchy. “Wait a minute,” they said, “haven’t we heard this one before?” And it wasn’t long before we discovered that yes, we had.


Yes, it turns out that Book’s Himmer For Tva had seen a previous life way back in 2014 for Moldova’s ace little belter Felicia Dunaf – only then it was known by the title of Taking Care Of A Broken Heart. It didn’t make the local semi-finals, but all the same it was out there in the public sphere and readily available to be listened to, and still is!!


Cue much frantic panic backstage at the Scandinavium. A press conference was hastily convened, and the attendant press were told that Book’s song was to be disqualified from the contest. But it was also revealed that at this late stage it was too late to change the show, and poor Ms Book would be required to sing the song on the show anyway, to add further to any indignity that she was already suffering.


Now a more cynical observer might suggest that this is but a mere publicity sponge to try and drum up interest for Saturday’s first semi-finals. But when even the song’s writers are claiming that they didn’t know of its earlier history, any suggestion of conspiracy might be over estimating the ability of the show’s organisers. But one thing is for sure – we’ll all be watching all further song reveals with great scrutiny from here on in.


If we get any more news on this curious case we shall fill you in as it happens. After all, what else could possibly go wrong?


Contributor : Eurovision Ireland

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