Eurovision 2015

Lithuania: Eight more acts qualify for the next bit

Capture 13

Lithuania: Right, pay attention at the back, because this gets complicated. As you may already be aware, the Lithuanians never like to do anything simple at this game. This year they’ve decided to divide their selection process into two halves – those with songs and those without. The withouts get given songs by the telly folks and chance their arm with what they are provided.


Tonight it was the turn of those withouts, and ten songs battled it out, with only the top eight making it through to the next, probably even more complicated round. The songs were elected by a curious mix of jury, televote and what appeared to be three people at home on Skype. There was an awful lot of maths, but what appears to have happened it this.

Old hand Aisté Pilvelyté finished top of all three voting options with her fiery belter, with Ruslanas Kirilkinas a distant second. Formula boyband E.G.O were saved by the skin of their teeth in eighth, while the two unlucky songs to meet the drop this week were Berta Timinskaité and Baiba. The full results order is featured on the image that attends this confused review.


Next week it’s back to the singers that have kindly thought to bring their own songs along. At some point they’ll all be bundled together in one big semi-final, but I wouldn’t bank on that happening for at least another month. I’ll have my slide rule and five calculators ready for when they do.


Contributer : Eurovision Ireland / Roy Delaney

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