Eurovision 2016

SPAIN : RTVE Release The Televote Figures For Eurovision Selection

Barei live

Did you know that 29.55% of Spanish Televoters are tone deaf?

This time last week we were gearing ourselves up for a Spanish National Final and the big guns were out!

In the end it was a resounding win for Barei – can I get a ‘Say Yay’ from the house!

Today RTVE have revealed the televote results. Was it a close call between Barei and Xuso in the all important Televote?

It certainly was NOT.

Barei won the International and Public vote unanimously

  • Barei: 38.22
  • Xuso Jones: 29.55
  • Maria Isabel: 15.69
  • Maverick: 6.10
  • Electric Nana: 6.21
  • Salvador Beltran: 4.23

Shock to the system was that 29.55% of the people at home thought Xuso sang in key!! My next door neighbours puppy dog was like this !


It was clear to see that Spain was united in selecting Barei for Eurovision – Good Choice!


Are you surprised at the televote as much as we were?


Author : Editor in Chief Garrett Mulahll

Source : RTVE

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  1. Both the songs of Barei & Xuso sucked.
    The only songs that i actually liked was the ones of Maria Isabel & Salvador.
    Isn’t it ironic that Salvador’s song won in the 4 out 0f 5 international juries over Barei when he was finished last in the televoting??!
    It looks like the spaniards wanted to send something new than this kind of music that was in their charts for ages.Pity because the song ”Say Yay” of Barei is rather annoying & mediocre!

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