Eurovision 2016

FINLAND: Judge & Jury – We review heat 2 of UMK 2016

Finland Heat 2

Lordi, Lordi, Lordi – It’s Heat 2 of UMK 2016 in Finland

Next Saturday, 13th February sees the second heat of Finland’s UMK16 qualifying competition featuring another 6 songs. Who will join Saara Aalto, Eini and Stella Christine from the first heat?

Attention 2 – Ready For The Show

This twin teen duo is unnervingly bright and bubbly. Aren’t teenagers supposed to be sulky and surly? No? ‘Ready For The Show’ is a poppy dance tune, reminiscent of the Spice Girls but without the sass. For me, it’s a little too sugary sweet but might win a lot of votes on the night.


Cristal Snow – Love Is Blind

Opening with a sparse and brooding electro-piano track that immediately appealed to my inner goth, this song (surreal video aside) morphed into a triumphant anthem of unconventional love. With some controversial lyrics (“You look like Jesus/But taste like sin”) Cristal Snow could stir up a storm if he makes it to the final. I certainly hope he does.


 Annica Milan and Kimmo Blom – Good Enough

This has Eurovision potential stamped all over it. The combination of male and female vocals, the sing-along chorus, well-crafted lyrics and a yearning piano line make it a strong contender for Stockholm. Good Enough? This writer thinks so!


Rafaela Truda – Rise Up

Cavorting in a sequined bodysuit and flanked by gum-popping, lollipop-toting dancers, Rafaela’s funky, tongue-in-cheek offering is nothing if not entertaining. She even raps mid-song! A woman of many talents. Can she Rise Up to Eurovision glory? Saturday will be the decider.


Waylon – Blazing Fire

One-part power ballad, one-part dance track, Waylon’s strong voice carries the song well. But will she burn brightly enough to make the Eurovision final in Stockholm? The jury’s out on this one. What do you think?


Mikael Saari – On It Goes

Oh my gosh, this gave me chills. In a good way! At first, I thought it was going to be another Euro-standard ballad but the heartfelt emotion Mikael poured into the song made all the difference and lifted it to another level. This could be a winner. Will the jury and voters agree? Tune in on Saturday night and find out.


How do they rank?


This is purely my opinion, but here’s how I think the six songs will score on the night:


1st: Mikael Saari – On It Goes

2nd: Cristal Snow – Love Is Blind

3rd: Annica Milan and Kimmo Blom – Good Enough

4th: Waylon – Blazing Fire

5th: Attention 2 – Ready For The Show

6th: Rafaela Truda – Rise Up


Who do you think will go through to the finals? Share your thoughts with a comment. Is the winner of UMK here?

Comment Below!


Author : Jennifer Roche

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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