Eurovision 2016

Celebrate your Valentines with some of your favourite Eurovision artists


The love of powerworld music. Celebrate your valentines with some of your favourite Eurovision artists.

Tony Power, a songwriter known for the many songs he has written for some Eurovision artists, has launched a compilation with his best love songs for having a special February 14th. Let’s have a look on the Eurovision names that we can find in it.

Niamh Kavanagh appears with a song titled “A fool for you no more”. This song was edited in 2011 just after her second appearance on ESC in 2010 with “It’s for you”. Niamh is one of the magic Irish voices that won the contest 5 times from 1987 to 1996. Her victory was in 1993 with “In Your Eyes”.

Next Eurovision artist on this CD is Sonia (UK 1993) who placed second just behind Niamh Kavanagh. Her song was “Better the devil you know”. The song “Fool for Love”, that appears in this CD, was published in 2009.

Right after Sonia we find Linda Martin in the track list. Another Eurovision winner for Ireland, back in 1992 with “Why me?”. Linda had the honor to be one of the guest performers in “congratulations” the show celebrating Eurovision Song Contest 50 years.



We have to go until the end of the list to find out two last names, Anne-Marie David and Nicki French. Anne-Marie David won Eurovision back in 1973 representing Luxembourg with her song “Tu te reconnaîtras” which had a great success all over Europe. She came back to the contest in 1979 placing third with “Je suis l’enfant soleil” representing this time her homeland, France.

Nicki French with new UK Band Club 2Gethr. Photograph courtesy of caravantimes

Nicki French with new UK Band Club 2Gethr. Photograph courtesy of caravantimes

On the other hand, Nicki French represented the UK in 2000 with “Don’t play that song again” placing 16th, but you can’t keep a fierce woman down! One of the composers of that song, John Springate, is also present on this valentine’s CD.

You can purchase the album on Amazon HERE

I wish you all a very happy St Valentine’s day. Have fun but don’t forget that the weekend is full of national finals so don’t forget to take a look to our site!


Author : Imanol Recio Erquicia

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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