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SWEDEN : Live Blog of Melodifestivalen Heat 1 – #ComeTogether With Us at 20:00CET

MF Live Blog SF 1

Melodi Nummer Ett – OMG we will be hearing those magic words shortly for the first time this season!

Yes it’s time for our LIVE ROLLING BLOG to come hurtling at you like an angry Christer Bjorkman when he finds out one of his Schlager song was poached by Moldova! The early Reindeer catches the…what do they catch? Anyone??

You know the drill – follow our LIVE BLOG here for some fun and predictions on what we make of the 7 (oops 6) songs in tonight’s show. Just REFRESH the page to get our thoughts on the main issues of the day like – was that wind machine strong enough? Was there enough glitter? Was anyone in key!!




The show starts at 20:00 CET SHARP!

You can watch the extravaganza using the LINK HERE

You’re with me Garrett tonight so I apologise in advance!




Show is up and running! Look back at Sweden’t Hits and Misses at Eurovision this century and our lovely hosts!

Hosts MF 1

Samir & Viktor “Bada nakna”

‘Bada’ by name and Bad by nature. These are 2 guys that are there for their looks and certainly not their voices. The amount of backing vocals and auto tune used here could probably resurrect the careers of Milli Vanilli!


So what do you do if you cannot sing – well you get a million dancers to join you on stage and you distract us by getting your clothes off. While that site is pleasant it certainly does not deter from the fact that the guys cannot and will not ever be able to sing!


As for the song it is as generic as a pair of Levi jeans – see them everywhere! This is disposable shclager and I thought we disposed of them last year but NO those Swedes like to recycle don’t you know!


They don’t even clean up after themselves! This will probably sail into the final where it doesn’t belong and at the expense of a far better song. Stick to the day jobs guys!


Pernilla Andersson “Mitt guld”

Straight out of Carly Simon’s of Carol King’s song collection circa 1977. It sounds like a theme song for an 80’s US family feel good sitcom.


What is nice is that Pernilla – unlike Samir and Viktor – can sing and is very engaging on stage. However the song doesn’t really go anywhere fast. Sort of like rush hour traffic down a country road when you are stuck behind a herd of sheep – nice and fluffy but I want to get to the bar to order me a drink!

Can’t see this going to Globen unless Pernilla has bought her audience ticket.



Mimi Werner “Ain’t No Good”

Oh this is what you get when you mix Dolly Parton with Schlager a ‘perky ditty’ – I said DITTY! You rude people out there. I want to throw some saw dust on the floor and get my Sendra Cowboy boots out and ride me a bull and start a bar fight! Yee Haw!


This is the best song of tonight so far. Up tempo, grabs you by the bulls ging gang goolies spit in your eye and down a bottle of whiskey all before the first verse has even finished.


Mimi shakes what her Mama gave her and would certainly not look or sound out of place in Globen. You ride that horse girl!!!




Albin & Mattias “Rik”

These are Sweden’s answer to Britain’s Got Talent act Bars and Harmony. They have grown up – about 3 inches – but they still are soooooo cute – so their Grannies tell me!

Bars and Harmony

All very inoffensive, all very cute, all very colourful and a whole lot of energy. People will automatically compare them to the beautiful looking yet vocally challenged Samir and Viktor and when they don’t rip their clothes off you wonder who will vote for poor Albin & Mattias. Well I think a lot of people after that duracell bunny performance!


Nothing wrong with this song or performance and the audience loved it! The poor man’s Samir and Viktor may just have knocked the pretty boys out! Oh please Sweden!!



Robin Bengtsson “Constellation Prize”


‘There must be an angle playing with my heart’ as Robin can blow on my harmonica anytime! He sings ‘You are beautiful’ and OMG he so is! However this is a lesson for Samir and Viktor he doesn’t have to strip to get your attention and even if he did he has the vocal chops to back it up!


The harmonica is a completely underused instrument and I shall be bidding for Robin’s used one on e-bay should he ever sell it! Clone his DNA and have him sing to me every day!


This is a TUNE I tell you! Catchy, funky, credible and sung in key from a man who is bursting (did you see how tight those jeans were – obscene in the best possible way) with talent. This MUST go direct to the final! And so begins my career as a professional stalker!



Ace Wilder “Don’t Worry”


‘Aces are Wild’ in this game of Melfest Poker and the girl certainly hasn’t been ‘Busy doing nothing’ as she brings you a slice of late 80/90s inspired Italian house music. Think of Black Box and Gala and you are on the right track.


She is in Kill Bill mode and is ready to kick some serious Swedish ass with her Sexy Samurai Showgirls who have a hint of Michael Jackson’s moves about them. Wilder has the knack of making it all look so easy and super cool without much effort. She has this one in the bag tonight and rightly so. Be prepared to shake your tush to this one at the Melfest final for sure!



Now time for some Interval Act fun! We love Petra Meade but they certainly put her in some horrendous dresses that Stevie Wonder would even say no to! #JustSaying



#MagicMic Award


#MagicMic - Sascha Frasz Graphic Design

#MagicMic goes to Robin because he just blew the competition away!!!



OH WAIT!!!!!


I’m opening the ‘Book of Love’ for Anna. The girl has guts and balls bigger than most men’s! After the heartache of being disqualified from the contest earlier in the week – through no fault of her own might we add (shame on the composers for not knowing where their songs went) she came out tonight and put in one hell of a performance of her song.


Samir and Viktor take note – she kept all her clothes on, was in key and was #CampTastic! The song (the Swedish not the Moldovan version) is available to download and we expect to see it in the Swedish charts ASAP or we will not be happy! #AnnaRocks



Las Ketchup at #MELFEST!!!




The 5 songs through to the second stage of voting highlighted. So we say good bye to Pernilla – no surprise



Direct To Final 

Ace Wilder – ‘Don’t Worry’



Robin Bengtsson – Constellation Prize



Andra Chanson 


Samir & Viktor – Bada nakna (Unfortunately)


Albin & Mattias “Rik”



There you have it!

Are you happy with the results? Did the right songs go through? Is there a Eurovision winner among them?

Let us know!

Hope you enjoyed the night. I certainly did!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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