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BELARUS – Tonight you can follow our Live Blog Here of the Belarussian Final in Eurosong as they search for their entry for Eurovision 2016.

How And When To Watch

The show starts at 20:00 CET

You can watch live using these links HERE

We will hand out our #MagicMic Award tonight. Don’t know what our#MagicMic Award is then SEE HERE


  • Alexei Gross – Flame
  • Sasha Zakharlik – Glory night
  • Valeriya Sadovskaya – Not alone
  • Radiovolna – Radio wave
  • The EM – Turn around
  • NAVI – Heta ziamlia
  • Ivan – Help you fly
  • Anastasiya Maleshkevich – Pray for love
  • Kirill Yermakov – Running to the sun
  • NAPOLI – My universe

The singers will perform their entry and 100% televoting will decide the winner.


The show starts at 20:00 CET. You know the drill. Just hit refresh to see our comments on the songs. Get involved and tweet us your thoughts and suggestions on who should get the #MagicMic award using the hashtag itself.

Out hosts are Olga Ryzhikova and  and Yuriy ‘Teo’ Vashchuk. You might remember him from a certain contest in 2014.

Bekarus 2016 001

Uzari greets us from what looks like Vienna. He attracted a lot of interest in 2015, and not just because of his Vulcan ear guards.

Alexei is a dapper chappy. He’s wearing a natty dark suit and starts at a piano. Strangely, when he leaves the piano to sing at us a bit more, the piano continues to play. Maybe he’s not playing it after all. His song is a steady mid-tempo number with lots of enthusiasm. Not a bad opener.

Sasha uses that sure-fire trick in Eurovision – the costume change. She comes on stage looking like a cleaner, in her big grey cap. Sure enough, by the time the song gets going she’s in a pleasing short white dress. She’s enjoying what she’s singing and for all we know actually understands the words coming out of her mouth. She gives a cheeky little smile at the end, now wearing her grey cap again, and a bit of soot on her nose. Nice.

Valeriya Sadovskaya means business. She’s gone all sever on us in a nice black outfit. There’s no moving around the stage here, partly due to the dry ice gradually engulfing her. But what’s this? Another costume change? Hurrah. She’s now in shiny red. Maybe red is the Belarussian colour for not being alone. This is actually turning from a pleasant slow number to a pleasant uptempo number. Sadly it finishes with a whimper more than a bang. It disappointed me a little.

Belarus 2016 002

Three songs down and we have a little commercial break and then more words of wisdom from Olga and Teo. The look like they’re having fun.

Onto our first band of the night with the four-piece outfit Radiovolna. My first impression of this is a crowd-pleaser, if a little like some form of loung music. The lead singer looks like he’s wearing an oversized jacket, or one of those Public Schoolteacher’s gowns. It’s an OK sort of song and has a reasonable groove to it. It may stand a chance.

Belarus 2016 003

The EM (sic) are a duo. They’ve obviously been watching Loïc Nottet or Jedward for inspiration as they start flat on their backs. It’s a ballad sung in the duet style. One of the guys is in this year’s look of dark suit with white shirt and quaffed hair. Other singer looks a tad more androgynous with long hair parted down the middle. For some reason two high-class backing singers come on stage and start breathing heavily into their microphones. They jiggle about a bit and then move off. I was hoping we’d see more of them.

NAVI. You wait ages for a duo and then two come along at once. This is a little more folksy that the EM (sic). There’s a light piano vibe, a girl dressed in a whimsical manner  and guy with a guitar and shaggy hair. It’s a nice little song with lots of niceness about it. I’m sure I’ve heard this sort of thing before but can’t put my finger on where. In my humble opinion, it’s the best so far. But I’ve not really managed to pick a winner for years and years and years.

Ivan is on next. I hope he’s not put off by the other spelling of his name that have just come off stage. Immediately there’s a massive cheer for him. Is this the one to watch. He’s gone for a dark stage to start with. He’s also wearing a long jacket-come-gown but with his long blond hair it seems to work a little better. If I didn’t know better, the camera work seems to be a lot slicker for this little number. A plot perhaps? It certainly has a lot going for it – in this national final anyway. And is there that slightest of 1980s vibes about it? I think so.

Belarus 2016 004

More cheers for this dramatic song from Anastasiya. She’s in a long black dress that has a hood. Scottish Widows? There’s one of those dubstep-lite beats about this that might go down well on a drunken Euroclub dancefloor. It has an appeal about it but maybe not in all the right ways. Still, she has a darn big voice on her and can carry a tune. Maybe our Elaine should give this one a watch.

Second last but not least is little Kirill who thinks he’s Justin Bieber. He’s all very smiley and is going for the teeny-vote. His hair is how Teo would have it when he was seven. There’s a nifty little dance routine going on which he joins in from time to time. Otherwise he’s doing lots of gesticulating as only a precocious teenager can. It’s another very slick production and might trouble the younger televoter.

We end with a safe solid performance from NAPOLI, she’s wearing a collection of theatrical curtains around her waist. This is very Angelika Agurbash – only she can carry a tune. The backdrop is interesting here, dominated by a couple of fully-masted boats sailing hither and thither.  There’s also red clouds, ornate gates.obviously with lots of symbolism. And. A. Key. Change! Hurrah – it’s about time.

With that, all the songs are behind us and it only remains for the televoters to decide who’s won.

After some adverts we get some grey-haired chappy accompanied by a young lady with an oversized credit card – the bank concerned are tonight’s sponsors. So all hail Alpha Bank.

*Other Belarussian banks are available.

It’s cabaret time now the phone and text lines have been thrown open. So who can we see? It’s only Alyona Lanskaya. She’s stopped singing about Soleros and is flanked by people with fans made from peacock feathers.

Belarus 2016 005

Alyona’s peacock feathers are not in shot.

Next on is Sasha Nemo. He’s an excitable chappy who bounds around the stage with two young dancers. He’s got a tambourine but is almost rapping. Something for everyone obviously. The crowd seem to love him. He must be just too cool to want to be a contestant. By the way, an update shows NAPOLI in the lead with Ivan second.

After more extracts of the songs and more talk, Gyunesh comes on stage. She’s a serious girl in black. She likes dry ice too. And singing in English. It’s a very credible song that they maybe should have entered. It’s not half bad. In other news, Ivan’s taken the lead.

Belarus 2016 006

More music now, from young blonde Kattie. Is she Belarussian? Maybe. She also singing a song that would have held its own in a contest especially one in Scandinavia.

All the performers are on stage – it must be results time. The trophy looks like it’s been fashioned from the finest red, white and green plastic.

Belarus 2016 007

It’s close, but it looks like Ivan has won.

It was the obvious winner and might stand a chance of making the final in Stockholm. Better than that, I can’t predict. But he’ll be off to the right part of the world to stock up on Timotei shampoo for his long locks.

As for a Magic Mic moment, it has to be the oversized credit cards sported on stage at various times. Product Placement at its finest.


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