AUSTRIA : ORF have gone ‘Psycho’ with their 10 songs for Eurovision Selection

Austrian Finalists

AUSTRIA : They are looking for their ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ moment again! Yes ORF have released the songs for their National Selection. So clear out the ear wax and have a listen to these 10 songs.

AzRaH won the ‘Wild Card Selection’ recently and she joined the 9 other automatic qualifiers. The Austrian national final will take place on the 12th of February. You know you are in for a ride when you see song titles like ‘Psycho’ to ‘Weapons Down’

So what do you think of the finalists in Austria? Is there a Eurovision winner there? Or will they be like the MakeMakes posted after last year’s final “We are the Zeros of the night” – That result was a travesty!!

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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

SOurce : ORF

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