AUSTRIA : Watch the Austrian Eurovison 2016 Finalists

Austrian Finalists

AUSTRIA : A returning artist from the 2015 selection makes an appearance in the Austrian final for Eurovision 2016. Reports today claim that 9 acts are confirmed as finalists with the 10 place being decided by the ‘Wild Card Vote’ in 2 days time.

Here is a sample of the work from the selected artists. Their official entries are still to be released.


Reported Finalists


  • Bella Wagner
  • Célina Roschek & Farina Miss
  • Elly
  • Lia Weller
  • LiZZA
  • Orry Jackson
  • Sankil Jones
  • Vincent Bueno


  • Zoë


Laura Kamhuber, Ola Egbowon, AzRaH, Sara Koell and David Siedl are battling for the 10 place in the Austrian final. We will know the public vote results in 2 days.

12th February 2016 is the date of the Austrian national selection.

What act interests you most?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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