AUSTRIA : 7 Reasons Why You Should See Conchita Live on Tour

Conchita and Band

I’m gonna ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ and be getting myself a ticket as quick as a ‘Firestorm’ to see Conchita live!

If you need convincing why of this – and I don’t know why you would – then let me break it down for you!

#1 – Up close and Personal

Ok how often do you get to see a Eurovision winner live, up close and personal to the point where the artist goes from being on your tv screen to being a few feet away from you! Answer – Not that often! So get your ticket!

#2 – It will be a show!

Do you seriously think that Conchita is going to go on stage quietly, sing her songs quietly and leave quietly? Hell to the no! You will get a serious show full of stories and complete showmanship! All that time at The Crazy Horse will come in useful! So get your ticket!


#3 – The Costume Changes!

No ripped jeans on this fabulous Queen! I am sure it will be couture all the way baby! I am sure I will be dazzled by the costume changes and probably get a few ideas for my own wardrobe #JustSaying. So get your ticket!

#4 – The Band!

Ok. It maybe 4 guys but have you seen them! It’s like the Spice Girls where there is a different type of talented beauty to admire from ‘Big and Burly’ to ‘Geek Chic’ to ‘Boy Next Door’ to ‘Runway Model’. As they say there is someone for everyone and they are darn great musicians too. So get your ticket!


#5 – The Voice

Seriously if you have not experienced Conchita singing live then you haven’t lived! Listening to her live on tv will not prepare you for what she sounds like in a venue. I don’t use #Fabulous for nothing – she is just that #Fabulous. I’m allowed to fangirl so no haters please. So get your ticket!

#6 – The Fans

Have your ever been in the presence of the ‘The Unstoppables’. They are the BEST fans ever. I speak from experience. They are fun, they are lively, they are welcoming and they are truly acceptable. Prepare to meet new people and make new friends – I already have all across Europe because to Dear Conchy. So get your ticket!


#7 – It’s Conchita!

This needs no explanation but ‘Expect the Unexpected!”. So get your ticket!


So by now you should have gotten the message – besides me getting an A+ in fangirling – but get your ticket! The tour with her band is for 10 dates beginning April 13th and you can get your tickets HERE

Also on the ticket site you will see that Conchita will have a blog from the tour. Now that should be filled with many a gem of a post from the crown of the ‘Queen of Europe’.

So what are you waiting for. Tickets are on sale NOW so stop reading this article and get your ticket. Yes GO. Get your ticket now!!!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I could also find both 8 and 9 and more reasons why you absolutely must see Conchita LIVE with Band. I have met her several times – the first time just after ECS in Copenhagen – she ‘s a great singer – but she is also a personality that you never forget when you first met her .

  2. I know exactly what you mean, I’ve seen her up close twice, first time standing in the front row during her performance at the Euro Fan Cafe in Vienna last May and when she was interviewed by the chief editor of a women’s magazine in December, after which she took time to take selfies with her fans and signed my book and album. She had also been great at the talk in the EU building in Vienna, so of course I already have my ticket! I wouldn’t miss out on such an opportunity 🙂

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