POLL RESULTS : You Say Tom Frantzis Should Represent Belgium At Eurovision


BELGIUM – Tonight we will find the third song that will be participating at Eurovision 2016 when the final of Belgium’s Eurosong takes place. You can follow our Live Blog HERE.

In our recent poll we asked you to select the song and singer you wanted to see represent Belgium at the contest. In a very close final vote you said that Tom Frantzis and his song ‘I’m Not Lost’ should go to Stockholm.

The final result was as follows :

Final Poll Results


Compare this to the Betting Odds for the Belgian Final (SEE HERE) and Our Judge & Jury results (SEE HERE) this will be a close contest.

Do you think Tom is the man to represent Belgium at Eurovision? Could he bring them to the Grand Final like last year? Could he give Belgium their second win at the contest?

Comment Below!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. The more enthusiastic he gets the more it is out of tune, so he must be careful for that. It sounds oké but for me it got a little bit to much of “Dotan” sound But because a lot of people don’t know Dotan, he can do alright with this song. Really big drums in the background with water on it, a good film in black and white on the screens and a spectacular lightplan…..

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