EI Judge & Jury : Review Of The Belgian Eurosong Final For Eurovision 2016 – Our Predictions

Final songs released

The Belgian Eurosong final is this weekend so we have decided to ask the team to give their verdict on the 5 songs in contention and predict the winner.

We now know the 10 International Juries (SEE HERE) and we have our International Fan Poll Open (SEE HERE)


For me, Belgium should send Tom Frantzis and “I’m Not Lost” to Stockholm. Part ballad, part Euro-pop and even with the slightest hint of country in there too, it’s a solid song that is performed well and for me, stood out from the other hopefuls. The audience also really got behind it, which is vital for a successful Eurovision entry. After listening to it a handful of times, it’s also quite catchy! C’mom Belgium – don’t let Tom get lost, get him to Sweden!



The song I am choosing is Adil- ‘In Our Nature’. The reason is it’s a good-looking guy who sings this modern sounding contemporary song well, he interacts well with both the camera and audience. I also like the touch of lying on his back at the beginning and end of the song(a bit like Loic did last year).


Well this weekend should be interesting as in last week’s show we heard the 5 songs that we believe will have received further production to them this week. So things could change from what we saw.

I can say off the top that there are 2 song songs in the running – Tom and Laura. Here is the deal. Laura has a good song and she sells it really well. She knows how to use the stage and camera. Her voice though isn’t distinctive enough for me and one can’t help but think that it is a mash-up of ‘Play That Sax’ and ‘Uptown Funk’.

Then you have Tom who has a great voice, look and song but has that rookie problem of singing to the audience in front of him and totally ignoring the camera. In fact he looked as if he was literally goofing around at a karaoke night in a bar. A sexy smile and good voice will only get you some of the way but ignoring the voters on the tv scream is a fail in Eurovision 1.01 class.

So who do I go for? Well it’s a song contest and Tom has the better song for me. He needs a good talking to and coaching on singing to the camera – take a leaf out of Laura’s book on that score – or she will score more than him on the night. Tom’s song will sit well with both Juries and the Public across Europe. He just needs to take it more seriously. Get your finger out Tom! (It’s an Irish phrase)



I am going with the Belgian public and choosing Laura Tesoro and ‘What’s the Pressure’. It’s fun, bouncy and a great little piece of pop with a bit of a funky Motown vibe mixed in. The song really suits Laura’s voice and she really looks like she’s having fun performing it. Much as I don’t like comparisons to past competitors there is definitely a touch of Emmelie de Forrest about her. Oh, and if the song doesn’t do it for you maybe that fabulous pair of legs will!!



It’s our girl Emma whose a good friend of the site and we in turn love her site and radio show ‘Meanwhile In Europe’. Make sure your check her out HERE.

The five songs in the running to follow Loïc’s impressive performance from last year are not only varied but also quite good. The one that’s made the biggest impression on me is Astrid’s “Everybody Aches” – it’s chilled out but follows in the quirky yet modern style Belgium succeeded with last year. Belgian artists like Lost Frequencies and Lea Rue stepped into the spotlight last year following a similar model, and “Everybody Aches” echoes their musical vibes for me. With a revamp of the staging and some work on the vocals and instrumentals, I could see this standing out from the pack.



Although I find Adil and “In Our Nature” a very contemporary and modern song, I fear he’s playing too much against Loic’s stage performance last year. My choice for this year is Laura and “What’s The Pressure”. From the stripped back performance she gave on Sunday evening, this entry already proves to be full of attitude that will capture the audience. With the added visuals, Laura should seal this performance and go on to represent Belgium in Stockholm.



Of the five Belgian songs, I’m picking Adil’s subtle little number to win. It hit me instantly as a rellay well-crafted song that could appeal to all types. I could also imagine myself tapping along to it if it comes up on my car radio. It’s definitely different enough to stand out in either a Eurovision semi-final or final too.

Adil seems to have a good stage presence which most of the others seem to be lacking, And of the five, this got a very good reaction from the studio audience, which I think would be replicated in Stockholm.


So is this a prediction of what is to come? We have 2 votes for Tom, Laura and Adil and one for Astrid. We have one jury member to call in and that is Elaine. She will either cause a 4 way tie, a 3 way tie or a winner. You’ll just have to come back to us later tonight when Elaine gets in from…….(fill in the blank)


She takes ages to come but here is Elaine’s choice for the Belgian Eurosong Final.

For me it’s Adil Aarab – ‘In Our Nature’!!! I like the contemporary feel of the song – I have always wanted to be a choreographer and I’m delighted to see the first 30 secs of his routine are based on my “morning after the night before” routine!! Like awake for the count of 12, consider the potential of sitting up without vomiting, get to a sitting position and tentatively stand up – Adil had it down to a T!! I loved this song

So our jury have spoken and they have ranked the songs as follows




1st – Adil Aarab (3 Votes)

2nd = Tom Frantzis (2 Votes)

2nd = Laura Tesoro (2 Votes)

4th – Astrid Destuyver (1 Vote)

5th – Amaryllis Uitterlinden ( Zero Votes)

So what do you think of our thoughts on the potential winner in Belgium? Who do you think will win? Comment below!


Source : Eurovision Ireland



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  1. Laura. Has to be Laura. Only needs a bit of tidying up. Easily qualifies and could be an amazing second top 10 in a row for Belgium.

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