Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : Watch Nicky Byrne get his ‘Groove On’ In the Globe Arena

Nicky Sublight

IRELAND – Been there, Done That and probably Bought the t-shirt!

That is what I would say if I was one of the thousands of fans that crammed into the Globe arena in 2004 to see Westlife and Ireland’s 2016 Eurovision representative Nicky Byrne to perform. Never mind getting burnt by sunlight I’m dazzled by the hair highlights and shiny suits that Nicky donned! Don’t believe me? Well look what we found. A medley of the group performing live, Nicky with his own solo spots and not a chair in sight for him to stand up from when the key change kicks in!

However what you get is a lot of crotch grinding and ‘That’s the way I like it – Ah ha, ah ha’ – and Nicky a good Catholic boy! His mother better not have seen this evidence #JustSaying!

If you have lived under a rock then you may not know thet Nicky Byrne is representing Ireland at Eurovision 2016 with the song ‘Sunlight’. He and RTE have assembled a crack creative team to look at the staging of the show in Stockholm SEE HERE.

The lyric video for the song is already over 100 thousand YouTube hits after just 48 hours release. Ireland hasn’t seen such speedy interest for some years in a Eurovision entrant.

What does a man with a glistening smile do? Well he changes his tooth-brush on a regular basis and look what he picked up. A ‘Made in Sweden’ GREEN toothbrush – Do IKEA sell toothbrushes now? Do you have to assemble them? Can they be delivered? Is it an OMEN for the contest?

The stars – or maybe just the Northern Lights – seem to be shining down on Nicky and his Eurovision bid!

Have you voted in our International Poll – What Score would you give Nicky for his song ‘Sunlight’? – SEE HERE

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What do you think of Nicky’s previous thrusts at the Globe Arena?

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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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