Eurovision 2015

POLL : What Points Would You Give Nicky Byrne’s Eurovision Song ‘Sunlight’ at Eurovision

Vote For Nicky

POLL – Nicky Byrne will be looking for plenty of 12 Points at Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm. (SEE HERE)

With his song ‘Sunlight’ released today and the news that RTE have assembled an experienced team to support him at Eurovision (SEE HERE) – we want to see what votes you would award Nicky in May. Will you be picking up your phone to vote for some #Sunlight?

The reaction to the song had #Sunlight trending on Twitter (SEE HERE)

Let’s have some fun and award your votes in our International Poll. Share it with your friends and let’s get your initial reaction to Ireland’s Eurovision entry. SO what points would you award Nicky at Eurovision?


Can Nicky bring Ireland to the final of Eurovision 2016? Can he go top 10 in Stockholm? Could he give Ireland another win at the contest?



Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I don’t normally watch the Eurovision because it does not interest me that much. But I want to wish Nicky all the best as I think it is a great song and he will be getting 12 points from me.

  2. Lads honest to god, I’m so disappointed. This sounds like something Lithuania would send that finishes 22nd in the final. Such a shame about the song, way too midtempo, hope it gets remixed or something. Best of luck to him anyway, better than last year at least. Sad there’s no eurosong. This song truly will not get us anywhere. It’s gonna come about 9th in the semis and tank in the final.

  3. I’m from Holland and I realy think you have a winner here!!! It’s a great popsong instead of a boring weard Eurovision Songcontest song. And off course his looks!! Straight or gay everybody loves Nicky Byrne’s looks. So I would say 12 points Ireland. I’ll do my best to get “sunlight” on the Dutch radio stations. So everyone will hear what we hear…..

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