Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : Listen To Nicky Byrne’s Interview Talking About Being Selected For Eurovision

Nicky Sublight

IRELAND – It has been eventually confirmed that Nicky Byrne has been selected by RTE to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2016.

In his first radio interview the former Westlife singer speaks of being selected to represent his country and what it will be like to perform back in the Globen Arena – but this time as a solo artist.

Michael Kealy (Irish Head Of Delegation) talks on why RTE has decided to internally select their artist and singer this year for the first time. He cited other successful internal selections like that of Conchita Wurst winning for Austria in 2014.

You can listen to the full interview HERE

So what do you think now of the internal selection of Nicky Byrne for Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : RTE

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  1. I always believed this to be a singing competition yet Ireland now select someone who was never more than a backing singer to represent them at Eurovision? I despair as he will struggle to make the final!!!

      • It is nothing more than a second rate pop track that will tarnish the amazing reputation Ireland has in this competition. I guess we feel disappointed in that we had worked for 5 months on an entry with an up and coming Irish girl but that aside surely who ever made this decision should fall on his sword when the song fails , but we have to hope we are proved wrong and he brings home the bacon .

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