Eurovision 2015

Twitter Reactions to Nicky Byrne Being At Eurovision From Celebs to the BBC to The Fans

Twitter on Nicky

Twitter reactions to the official announcement that Nicky Byrne has been selected to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2016 have been fast and furious. So let’s see what the reaction has been PLUS remember to vote in our International Poll on what points you want to award Nicky for his Eurovision song ‘Sunlight’? SEE HERE

So this is how Nicky started his day

Former Westlife band mate Shane Filan

The official BBC Eurovision Twitter account got tweeting which is a rarity for them

Nicky’s fan base got super excited

Good friend and Boyzone singer Ronan Keating had his say

Super handsome weather man Deric Ó h’Artagáin was just overjoyed to see #Sunlight

Fans from South Africa were tuning in too. Shame they can’t vote!

Teary eyed was a common theme this morning

Even India were tweeting about Nicky at Eurovison


So what have you to say on ‘Sunlight’? Have you taken to Twitter to share your reaction to Nicky going to Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Twitter and Eurovision Ireland




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  1. I think it’s very unfair. That Irish singer song writers were not given a enter. There is loads of them..I myself had a song to enter and now can’t. Iam sure Nicky is a lovly guy..but song is not that good. .sorry

    • It’s a valid point Maggie. I guess RTE wanted to try an internal selection for once and see if it could give us a result like Conchita and The Common Linnets. Did you think of submitting your songs abroad like many artists do across Europe?

  2. Ok, so Nicky Byrne fans are raving about ‘Sunlight’, but i’d like to hear what Eurovision fans think of it. I’m disappointed. I’m surprised Nicky would enter the contest with such an average pop song. It would not hold a candle to the previous two winners of Eurovision. Maybe they can beef it up a bit before the contest. No disrespect to Nicky btw…..I think he’s a very talented guy.

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