The BEST Eurovision Advent Calendar From The Creative Producer & Script Writer of ESC 2015

ESC Advent Calendar

The BEST Eurovision Christmas Advent Calendar courtesy of the Creative Producer & Script Writer of Eurovision 2015.

We can’t take any credit for this #Amazing piece of work but we can share it with our readers. It comes from the Twitter account of the Creative Producer of Eurovision 2015 aka ESC2015 CreativeProd or Mr Gregor Barcal – Check out his two Twitter Accounts and do it NOW!

These pictorial advent calendar entries are inspired and will get you thinking as you try to work them out. Test out your Eurovision knowledge and share them with your fellow Eurovision friends and see if you can guess them all. I am still stumped on a few of them so PLEASE help me out or I fear Santa will bypass my house otherwise 😦


Here you go – Guess The Answers











So have you worked out the songs and singers and hosts in the pictures? Well you know where you can find the final entries to Gregor’s advent calendar on hos Twitter so make sure you follow him on-line.

This is #FAB!


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Author/Edit in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : ESC2015CP  Twitter

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