Eurovision 2015

GERMANY : Farewell to Eurovision’s Stefan Raab

Farewell Stefan Raab

It’s the end of an era. Tonight Germany said goodbye to Eurovision contestant, composer, host and national selection co-ordinator Stefan Raab.

To many people outside of Germany, Raab came to our attention at Eurovision 2000 in Stockholm with the funky parody entry – “Wadde hadde dudde da?” that came 5th.

He then became involved in the German national selection process for Eurovision and secured the country’s second win at the contest with Lena in 2010 and went on to co-hosted the contest in 2011.

He has bowed out of German television this week with Thursday night seeing the last broadcast of his show ‘TV Total’ that had been one of the longest running German late night tv shows in history.

Tonight – Saturday December 19th – has just seen the last broadcast of his show “Schlag den Raab”. He is now the #1 trending topic on Twitter this evening even overtaking the BBC’s final of Strictly Come Dancing with the German Hashtag #DankeStefan

So what was he last moment on tv like? Here it is

From all accounts Raab will be missed from German television. What next for the man? Who knows!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Spiegel Online

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