Eurovision 2015

HUNGARY: Who is back for A Dál 2016?

A dal 2016

It’s great that the once cynical Hungary is now really taking Eurovision seriously. Since Compact Disco took part in 2012, interest has gone from strength to strength.

As you may know, Hungarian broadcaster MTVA (Duna) has announced the 30 participants that will take part in three heats commencing on 23 January. We look at some of those familiar names from previous “A Dalok”. Do you like my use of the Hungarian plural there?

First up is Gergő Oláh trying for a second time to represent his country.  His song this year is Győz a jó (The good win) that he’s co-written with three compatriots. Here he is singing his R&B-influenced song from A Dál 2015: A tükör előtt (in front of the mirror). 

Next is Karmapolis. This three-piece band of András Kenyeres, Szabolcs Szipszer and Gábor Lipi have teamed up with Böbe Szécsi with their new song Hold on to. They have an electro-pop sound that might appeal once the heats start next month. Here they are with the attempt from 2015, Time is now.

We also have the multi-national band Passed. Their members come from Poland (Dorottya and Fanni Nizalowski) and Slovakia (Dávid Godzsák) as well as Hungary (Levente Szabó). In A Dál 2015 they made the final with their  unusual sound that might have gone down a storm in Vienna. Their song in 2016 is Driftin’. Here’s the song that made the final in 2015: Mesmerize.

A débutante in A Dál 2016 is Renáta Tolvai. She’s a well-known name in Hungarian music circles, having participated in Megasztár 2010, and released several singles since. More to the point, she’s the current girlfriend of a previous Hungarian entrant in Eurovision. As we have no A Dál footage of her, here’s the official video of her song in A Dál 2016: Fire.

You may be wondering who Renáta’s other half is. Well it’s none other than a certain Mr András Kállay-Saunders. He’s back this time with his band, originally called the Kállay Saunders Band. We don’t need to see his previous A Dál performances, so here’s his band’s tune for 2016. No official video as of yet, but you can still get the feel of this potential cracker of a tune.

Will you be following A Dál 2016? Do you have any early favourites? Let us know?

Author: John Stanton

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