Eurovision 2015

UK Eurovision 2016 Search Has Begun – New Details

Uk 2016 Eurovision Selection Process reviewed

Uk 2016 Eurovision Selection Process reviewed

Eurovision 2016 sees a change of approach from the BBC. A more thorough approach to getting that 6th Eurovision win were announced earlier this year – SEE HERE.

Eurovision Ireland can now reveal that the shortlisting of the submissions received by the BBC has begun with the involvement of the UK arm of the OGAE Fan Network.

Those that have been selected by the OGAE Network are now receiving links to a secure BBC Network where they will have a selection of songs to listen to.

They have been asked to select their favorite 5 entries and they must confirm these to the BBC by December 14th. All involved are not permitted to announce the songs that they have been asked to review or confirm that they are on the pre-selection OGAE group.

Is this the year the BBC and the UK hit the top stop at Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief : Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. At least the BBC is shaking it up this year (see what I did there) and trying something different. So will there be only five songs in the final? Seems a tad anti-climactic; I was expecting them to go the whole multi-week Melodifestivalen route.
    I just wish our own national broadcaster would cop on and give us a decent national final… #blueinthefacesayingthis

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