Eurovision 2015

Newspapers claim UK to have an ‘X-Factor’ Style Eurovision 2016 Public Search

BBC Eurovision 2016 Photo : BBC

BBC Eurovision 2016 Photo : BBC

Do my eyes deceive me? Have I read this correct? Is the BBC allowing the Great British Public to select their song for Eurovision 2016?

UK Newspaper The Daily Express is now reporting that the UK entry for Eurovision 2016 will be selected by the public in a show that is said to be ‘X-Factor like’. From now until November new and up and coming singers can apply for the selection process.

The show will be in the hands of Music Mogul Hugh Goldsmith who was responsible for unleashing the likes of Atomic Kitten, Billie Piper and Blue on the public.

Guy Freeman (UK Head of Delegation) commented
“This year really will be the biggest song search for Eurovision the BBC has ever undertaken. With input from key industry figures and fan associations, plus with the public having the final say we are looking forward to seeing a true People’s Eurovision entry representing the UK at next year’s competition in Sweden.”

The last time the general public had a say in the UK’s entry was back in 2010 and ‘That Sounds Good To Me’ but not to Europe – won the vote.

So what does the UK fans have to say about this? Will this format attract new talent to the UK Selection? Will it attract new viewers to Eurovision in the UK?

Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Daily Express

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  1. I’m a bit concerned about that approach again,although its good that there is the possibility of such a show taking place,and there will be various sections of the music industry and of course the fan club taking part in the selection process,who is actually going to select the final 8 songs or what ever its going to be,if this is the road the BBC are going down.This does nothing to convince me that the BBC are actually wanting to pick a potential winning song amoungst the songs that are submitted.For instance if say 4 songs are picked from each group of selectors,BASCA,The ESC fan club the music industry chosen judges are sent in to the BBC and three of the four songs are really good but the forth one is only average.Who is to say they that the BBC will pick the say 8 songs sent in by all the judges that are very average,knowing that there is no chance of a winning song coming from that group of songs,allowing the BBC to say if the song does not perform well enough, then its not their fault as they can claim to involve the other selection groups in the process ,and blame them if the song fails.I’m concerned that because of the outcry from the ESC supporters and the country, to find a decent song and to see that the selection process is carried out fairly,because after all its supposed to be a songwriters event as well,and the songwriters put an enormous amount of time and money into their songs,and all they receive at the end of the day is a auto thank you letter that is so false and patronising,it makes the Turin Shroud look real.So as a songwriter,the changes are more in line with what the public want,yes,but i’m not at all convinced that the BBC are really interested enough or at all in picking the songs that have the potential to win,and they are only trying to go a roundabout way of disguising their disinterest in the staging the event.So I’m not convinced i’m afraid that the BBC have their heart and soul in the contest,in Eurovision maybe,but not winning it.That is unless of course if between now and the eurovision ,they are clearer and more convincing.

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