CYPRUS : Eurovision 2016 Contestants ‘Minus One’ Will Perform Naked

Minus One - The Naked Party

Minus One – The Naked Party

Minus One are true to their name and will be performing ‘Minus ONE’ thing – their clothing. Yes Christmas has come early and we here at Eurovision Ireland like the ‘Craic’ like no other!

Our Cheeky Chappies from Cyprus who will take to the stage at Eurovision 2016, have told us that they will be performing a ‘Naked Concert’ on December 12th at the venue ‘Downtown At Volks’ in Nicosia. Full details below!

Minus One - Perform a Naked Concert on December 12th

Minus One – Perform a Naked Concert on December 12th


The guys will be taking to the stage to perform LIVE and lets hope that it ain’t a chilly night to spare their blushes. If only to be in the front row – or maybe we will be and maybe we will have pictures for you too!

In the meantime Minus One performed at the Miss Cyprus Beauty Pageant with some familiar rock classics. They were fully clothed this time! 😦

Make sure to follow the guys on their Facebook Page HERE and on Twitter HERE

You can find out more about the guys from when we caught up with them last year at the Cypriot National Selection – See HERE 

SO we have asked the Cypriot Delegation if we can do an on-line interview with our favorite rockers and they have said YES! So we want your questions for the band. Tweet us @EurovisionIrela using #AskMinusOne your questions, or email us at with #AskMinusOne in the title of your email or message us on our Facebook Page Eurovision Ireland 

Just to spare you any nightmares – I will NOT be taking my clothes off for the interview. I want people to watch the video after all. If the band want to get naked again then Hell Yeah!

Get your questions in to us by Sunday December 6th! And remember it’s December 12th for the Naked Concert in Nicosia. So ‘Dear Santa…….’


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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