Eurovision 2015

NORWAY : One Thousand Entries For Eurovision 2016 Selection

Melodi Grand Prix

Melodi Grand Prix

NRK are celebrating that they have had immense interest in their Eurovision 2016 selection process.

The broadcaster must feel like they are living a ‘Fairytale’ as they have received almost 1 thousand entries for Melodi Grand Prix 2016 – the winner of which will make the short trip to Stockholm next year.


As we speak Pia Skevik (NRK P1), Marie Komissar (NRK P3), Jan Fredrik Karlsen (MGPs musikkanvarlig) and Stig Karlsen (MGPs Project Manager) are shortlisting the songs to create a 10 song national final.

last year Norway gave us one of the more entertaining national final tv shows so we are expecting more this year – plus we would like the live orchestra back too! Thanks NRK 😉

Who would you like to see in the Norwegian National Final?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : MGP Facebook


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