Happy Birthday Conchita – Reflections on the Last Two Years

Happy Birthday Conchita

Happy Birthday Conchita

Tomorrow is the birthday of the ‘Queen of Eurovision’ Conchita Wurst. From the first time we met her in Dublin 3 years ago, she has gone on to conquer not only the scoreboard at Eurovision but the attention of the world. So as a gift to our #Fabulous #Unstoppable Conchita we invited one of her biggest fans and friends to us here at Eurovision Ireland – The #Wonderful Angie Tilly Marper to reflect on the recent years and accomplishments of Conchita. So we say Happy Birthday to Conchita from the team here at Eurovision Ireland and we pass you over to Angie.

Born 6th Nov 1988, Conchita Wurst literally burst onto our TV screens on 10th May 2014 and slap bang into our lives. She was just 25 years old and giving a performance at the Eurovision Song Contest that would change her life forever.

As she heads towards her 27th birthday I reflect on what she has achieved in less than 2 years, personally and professionally.


She was the figure-head at the Summer Prides in 2014, headlining in London’s Trafalgar Square and introduced by Sir Ian McKellen, she was to perform to a crowd of over 300,000. She opened Madrid’s LGBT Pride alongside Ruth Lorenzo, on to Stockholm……Manchester….. the list was endless!


She modelled successfully for John Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, Karl Lagerfield, appeared at the world-famous Crazy Horse in Paris and been lauded by politicians, delegates, celebrities and pop musicians the world over. She has her critics but she rises above them with an “I don’t care” attitude that wins many over in the end.

Conchita has proved her worth as an emerging superstar showing how she can perform with or without the trappings other so-called “stars” demand, with hundreds of musicians or with none, with huge sound systems ….. or with none.

She slips from one situation to another as easily as she slips into those 7inch heels, with delicate, precision.
Her album simply entitled Conchita is a candy box full of all sorts, something for everyone to share! She hasn’t penned anything yet, but she will, there is no doubt in my mind! With all her experiences, the characters she has in her head and her vocabulary…..she never shuts up…..she cannot fail to create great songs. It will take time but it will happen!

I think her biggest success is in her personal life. She has kept her feet firmly on the ground, (if you can do that whilst wearing 7 inch heels) she has been “true” to her wonderful circle of friends who have also remained true to her and helped keep Tom safe from prying eyes. She has stepped out from behind Conchita occasionally, teasing us with one unrecognizable character after another, always different, not always glamorous but always with a wicked sense of humour but without the beard which is totally Conchita and will remain so!

As she heads towards that 27th birthday on Nov 6th she must wonder what the future has in store for herself and for Tom. If the last 2 years is anything to go by she need not worry. Both Tom and Conchita will conquer whatever life throws their way, together, with grace and with determination, they have what it takes to succeed in this world, they are “Unstoppable”, their legions of fans are also “Unstoppable” and will stand by them all the way!

Everyone who has ever met Conchita Wurst say that she is just…… “nice”……isn’t that a wonderful thing to be today….nice!

Happy Birthday Conchita


Guest Author : Angie Till Marper

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Very nicely put Angie, only that Conchita isn’t only nice, she’s drop dead gorgeous and absolutely FABULOUS. A very Happy Birthday from me too!

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