Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : Video Interview With the 4th Irish Finalist Zena Donnelly for JESC

Zena Donnelly

Zena Donnelly

Tonight was the fourth and final heat in Ireland’s search for their Junior Eurovision Representative for 2015. Again in a close show the winner on the night was Zena Donnelly.

Zena was our ‘Warrior Princess’ tonight and won the judges over with her amazing song ‘I d’Aonair’. She tweeted tonight about her song

Zena is 13 and comes from Dublin. We had a great laugh with Zena when we interviewed her and we found out some amazing things too! She tells us about performing with #Legend Whitney Houston live on stage in Dublin – and we have the video evidence. One word #AMAZING!!!


As for Zena’s song it is a great modern pop song and Zena is both the lyricist and composer! You Go Girl!

Zena is also celebrating the Cinemagic Christmas Feature Film, ‘A Christmas Star’ with the song ‘We can shine’. The track features the stunning vocals of Zena. Proceeds from the single will go to youth film festival charity Cinemagic to contribute to providing further opportunities for young people, through the medium of film and television.

Can Zena go on to win the Irish Selection for Junior Eurovision? Could she win in Bulgaria? Is she our next rising star?

You let us know!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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